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Why leave to Central African Republic ?

More than 66% of Central Africans live in villages, scattered along the roads, but still difficult to access. Thus, their traditions remain very much alive, especially since they keep their culture very secret. But, once they have gained confidence, they open their doors to you. The Central African fauna and flora are also very well preserved. In this country where animals and plants benefit from a very generous natural environment, there is a constant struggle between man and the elements. Thus, storms, powerful and violent, are exceptional demonstrations of the power of nature. A pure moment of contemplation.

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Preparing for your trip to Central African Republic

A preserved country, without mass tourism :

Towards the Congolese and Cameroonian borders, only the Ngotto forest and the Dzanga-Sangha reserve have lodges and trained guides (not to mention the luxurious hunting camps in the northern region).The country's isolation, which has made it possible to preserve its incredible natural resources, also contributes to limiting the number of tourists: only a few hundred venture, each year, to discover gorillas and the many waterfalls. As a result, tourist infrastructure, including hotels, is almost non-existent outside Bangui.There is no predefined or marked out circuit, gleaning some information is a challenge, no tourist site is permanently maintained and scams are numerous.But adventurers, with a good sense of resourcefulness and patience, will be fully satisfied.

Diversity of wild nature

Located in its southern part at the crossroads of East, West and Central Africa, as well as at the junction of the Sahelian and tropical zones in the northern part, the Central African Republic is home to a diverse fauna and lush flora. Their impressive exuberance is expressed in real plant walls as well as in myriads of insects and reptiles.