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Why leave to Greenland ?

Travelling to Greenland is like discovering a vast territory with a population of less than 60,000. The largest island in the world is none other than the country with the lowest population density (0.026 inhabitants/km2 against 98.8 in France). Its capital Nuuk is also one of the smallest capitals in the world with 17,136 inhabitants! It is a rough, mountainous land, so contrasting with the enormous polar cap, the ice sheet at its centre and an adventurous and welcoming people at its heart. From the desert landscapes of the Arctic in the Far North to the influences of the Atlantic and the lush sheep farms in the south, a distinct cultural and climatic diversity shapes the Greenlanders' way of life in the geographical vastness of their island as much as it will inspire your journey. Hunting, fishing, wireless Internet are all points that allow you to keep in touch with your roots, communicate between different parts of the country and move forward. Greenlanders live under the northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer, in a land where dog sledding and skateboarding exist side by side, where fishermen and academics come from the same families, and can communicate wirelessly while sailing between huge icebergs... All this makes Greenland an exciting destination for all open-minded travellers with a desire for adventure, seeking to learn more about the nature, climate, culture and spirit of Greenland.

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Preparing for your trip to Greenland

Escape and change of scenery :

The desire to escape the oppressive atmosphere of a city regularly pushes city dwellers to head for Greenland and experience a total change of scenery just a few hours away by flight. Greenland is absolutely unique and the change of scenery is guaranteed for everyone, even the most experienced globetrotters. Escape is also possible through many activities ranging from simple iceberg watching, sitting on the edge of a fjord, to hiking, kayaking, boating, helicopter, skiing or even dog sledding in the area! This territory is also home to Arctic animals, including large whales, seals, walruses, reindeer, muskoxen and polar bears. Leisure activities concern both people seeking peace and quiet and active tourists wishing to enjoy the pleasures of extreme sports.

A warm welcome

Despite their apparent "timidity", the Greenlanders show great exemplarity in the quality of their welcome, particularly with the famous tradition of the "kaffemik". After a few exchanges, some locals will not hesitate to invite you to their homes to discuss, tell you stories and other local legends about local delicacies. Without a doubt, direct contact with this warm population is one of the best ways to discover the intimate side of the island.

In the footsteps of the explorers

Some travellers devote a real passion to discovering the remains or itineraries used by explorers who gradually discovered Greenland over the past centuries, passing through characters like Erik the Red who implanted a Viking colony in the south of the country around the year 1000 until they suddenly and mysteriously disappeared in the 15th century, Knud Rasmussen, nicknamed "the father of Eskimo", who was the first to travel the icy lands by dogteam from Greenland to Alaska via Canada to meet Inuit communities in the 1920s, Paul-Emile Victor, who founded the French Polar Expeditions in 1947 and still has the opportunity to visit his cabin in Quervain Bay.... and many more!