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Why leave to Norway ?

Regardless of the season or location, Norwegian nature is exuberant, devouring, and almost to excess. In three quarters of the territory, there is not a single noise except that of the wind, which collides with high mountains and slides on lakes and glaciers. In addition to this "no man's land" of the Far North, there is the Norwegian forest which covers one fifth of the territory. In this vast green space live elks, hares and trolls, small mysterious beings, still so alive in local beliefs, guaranteeing that in Norway nature has not lost any of its magic.

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Preparing for your trip to Norway

The fjords :

Although you have never set foot on Norwegian soil, you are familiar with the existence of fjords. Undisputed symbols of the country, they are for the most part located in the West. These ancient glacial valleys covered by the sea can be seen on board a small ferry boat. Between harmony and silence, the reflection of the steep cliffs, which flow into the transparent water, seems to be repeated over and over again. The largest fjord is Sognefjord, which stretches inland for 200 km.
Maisons colorées au bord l'eau à Bergen en Norvège

A fascinating sunshine

As you reach the Far North, the birches give way to the tundra; nature becomes smaller and smaller, stunted, as if bent before the sun, which in summer stays above the horizon to give birth to sunny nights. Then tired by this excessive activity, between May and July, he goes to bed and does not get up for long weeks. It is then that the polar night settles in....
personne au bord d'un rocher fjords Norvège

The Norwegian mentality

Norwegians live in harmony with nature, and the environment is one of the country's political priorities. Their mood is not affected in any way when the landscape loses its softness and becomes hostile. Far from falling into the melancholy of the polar nights, the Norwegians straighten up in a moment of revolt and display a good mood that could leave more than one Southern irritated by a cloudy sky.

A multi-activity stay

Hiking, snowmobiling, canoeing, kayaking, sled dogs, skiing, ice skating... A multitude of sports are practiced in Norway, where the population happily alternates between winter and summer sports. For the passing visitor, each season will be an opportunity to practice a particular activity: why not try Telemark, curling or even dog sled racing? In summer, you can enjoy hiking or sailing in the majestic fjords. Unique!

Sliding sports

To indulge in the joys of sliding, skiing, snowmobiling or sledding, Norway is the dream country! But even more importantly, Norway is the land of choice for cross-country skiing, which attracts cross-country ski enthusiasts every year... It must be said that this discipline is part of the profession of faith, as evidenced by the official existence of the ski day, the skidag. During a full day, the children learn the technique of this sport from their parents or professionals. Alpine skiing, ski jumping (it's even a traditional sport!), Telemark skiing (from Norway, yes!)... In other words, the Norwegians will be excellent teachers if you want to slip in too!