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Why leave to Paraguay ?

We usually come to Paraguay out of pure curiosity, following the advice of a relative who has drawn your attention to this mysterious country, talking to you with passion about the kindness of the population or its wild landscapes. It is this unknown that attracts travellers, the desire to get off the beaten track and "discover" landscapes, a population and a way of life, far from the classic images of Latin America. And there are many surprises, the first being to have found a guide on Paraguay!

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Preparing for your trip to Paraguay

A natural destination :

Paraguay's main tourist attraction is its bucolic landscapes, with soft, green contours and the omnipresence of water throughout the eastern part of the country. In the western part, the Chaco offers an ungrateful but beautiful and wild land, which will please those who seek adventure, a total change of scenery. This land, red to the east of the Paraguay River and yellow grey in the Chaco, offers many outdoor activities, starting with wildlife observation.

An authentic and welcoming population

This is what marks at first sight: the kindness of people and the sweetness of life. Smiles are everywhere, stress is non-existent and you quickly take a good dose of positive waves! The Paraguayan is friendly, joking and unsuspecting with strangers. He will gladly invite him to share his traditional tereré, the heritage of an omnipresent Guaraní culture. Tourism is in its infancy and contacts remain natural, simple and devoid of ulterior motives.

A central, safe and economic country

Paraguay is not a tourist country but is surrounded by countries that are, in particular Argentina and Brazil. It is easy to travel to neighbouring countries from the Paraguayan capital by plane or bus. More and more international congresses are taking place in Paraguay for this central position, but also for economic and security reasons. Asunción is one of the cheapest capitals in the world and is a much safer city overall than the capitals of neighbouring countries.