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Why leave to Peru ?

The unmissable city, lost and carefully isolated by the Incas in the Urubamba River Valley, 4 days' walk from Cusco, was only discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, when the Spanish, during the conquest of the country, never managed to reach it.

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Preparing for your trip to Peru

A land of mystery :

How, when, why and by whom were the Nazca lines drawn? What was the role and meaning of Machu Picchu? What is the mystical power of ayahuasca, the sacred plant of the Amazonian shamans? Mysteries among many others in a country prone to magic and the supernatural....
Machu Picchu dans la brume du matin

The legacy of pre-Columbian civilizations

One of the country's greatest treasures lies in the pre-Incan archaeological sites. Everywhere you can find remarkable remains of civilizations: on the north side the Chimú, Mochica or Vicús, in the north-eastern jungle the Chachapoyas or kings of the cloud forest, in the central sierra the Chavin, on the south coast the Paracas and Nazca...
Lac Humantay chemin des Incas prés de Cuzco au Perou

The Andean peaks

The Andes mountain range crosses the country from north to south, offering us multicoloured landscapes: in turn, the brown and red of the dry lands give way to the green of the valleys and terraced crops, before snow-covered peaks reaching 6,768 m, the highest of which dot the White Cordillera, appear near or far.

3,000 km of coastline

Peru has 3,000 km of coastline. All along, there are many beaches (in the north, it is hot all year round) with a raging Pacific Ocean and sand dunes that surfers are trying to control, major archaeological sites and a delicious seafood cuisine (the famous "ceviche" or "cebiche" - both spellings are accepted - national and federative dish).

A very rich fauna and flora

Amazonia, even if it is rarely mentioned, occupies two thirds of Peruvian territory. The Amazon River originates in Peru and meanders through countless meanders before continuing its journey in Brazil. La selva is an opportunity to discover nature in an almost pristine state, with exotic fauna and extravagant flora.