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Why leave to Spain - Balearics ?

If the Balearic archipelago is one of Europe's leading tourist destinations, it is largely due to its climate. From June to October, the temperature is close to 30°C, and rain is very rare in summer. The cooling possibilities will therefore be a small swim (the sea temperature averages 25 °C in summer), or a visit to the interior, where the air is cooler (the Serra de Tramuntana rises to over 1 400 m). In winter, the thermometer rarely drops below 0°C.

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Preparing for your trip to Spain - Balearics

The diversity of the landscapes :

These islands would be very sad if we only loved them for their climate! Plains, fine sandy beaches, coasts cut into tiny coves, pine and garrigue forests, remote villages and urban buzzing... The Balearics are all part of it. Nature remains varied and omnipresent despite the few concrete epidemics in the tourism industry. So of course, from these islands, we come back with pictures of postcards: bikinis and turquoise sea lined with golden sand. But the photos also show the steep slopes of the mountain, the Arabic ramparts, the mills with white wings and the Victorian façades. In other words, in the Balearic Islands, lovers of change of scenery can drink well beyond their thirst.
Minorque iles Baleares

Historical remains

Far from dusty libraries and museums, anyone who wants to discover the history of the Mediterranean will find here a unique and exciting playground. All you need to do is walk through the magnificent landscapes of these islands to discover the secrets of the prehistoric tombs of Ca Na Costa (Formentera), the remains of the Roman theatre of Pollença, the Moorish ramparts of Alcúdia, the five towers of Formentera designed to watch for the arrival of pirates or the prehistoric sites of Minorca. Four thousand years of humanity are there, in the open air. Exciting.
Formentera iles Baleares

A heterogeneous architecture

When you are on the trading routes of the great Mediterranean civilizations, you should expect to receive visitors. Even before Rome became an empire, the Balearics already attracted the covetousness, and over the centuries, Carthaginians, Moors, Spaniards, French and English settled in turn on the archipelago. Today, the mixture of cultures is very present at the architectural level. You will come across old towns surrounded by walls, English bow windows, churches, palaces, fortifications, medieval houses and many villages with whitewashed houses.

A range of activities

It is no longer necessary to dwell on the fact that the most extravagant evenings take place in Ibiza and that it is from this same place that new musical trends are launched. What is interesting to mention now are all the possibilities offered by the archipelago. Many sports are available in optimal conditions and you don't need to be an athlete to enjoy them because there are sports for all levels: hiking, cycling, kayaking, scuba diving, paddle and kitesurfing, and many more. The gastronomy is absolutely spectacular and is worth devoting a few days to discovering the local flavours. For those who are looking for relaxation, there is only the embarrassment of choice between all the fine sandy beaches and the crystal clear coves. Contemplative minds will be nourished by the artistic heritage, botanical gardens and natural parks that shelter a fauna and flora of great rarity, it is a real pleasure for the eyes.