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Why leave to Sudan ?

A trip to Sudan is certainly not an ordinary thing. You have to be curious to visit this great country, still unknown and little praised by the media. Sudan cannot be reduced to what we mean by Darfur and human rights violations. Once there, you will be dazzled by the kindness and hospitality of the Sudan! The thousand and one ethnic and cultural treasures of Nubia and elsewhere have not yet revealed all their secrets to the general public. It's time to discover them! In addition, the country is an essential stopover for any good backpacker who is passionate about the African continent.So why not Sudan?

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Preparing for your trip to Sudan

The Nile, temples, pyramids... without the tourists! :

Nubia gathers a large number of exceptional sites that unjustly live in the shadow of Egyptian antiquity. The pyramids of Meroe, Nuri, the deffufas of Kerma or the temples of Soleib and the djebel Barkal... Everyone has little to envy to the tourist classics of Egypt. And in Sudan, we see few, if any, tourists, and no "temple merchants" invading historic sites.

Ethno-cultural wealth

With several hundred tribes and languages, Sudan is one of the most diverse countries in the region. It forms a real bridge between the Arab and African worlds. The different cultural influences have created particularly interesting mixtures in the fields of Sudanese music, dance or cuisine. The coexistence of peoples and religions has fostered a spirit of tolerance towards the incomparable "other" in Africa.

A variety of activities

Sudan offers a multitude of tourist opportunities. Apart from the sites of the Upper Nile Valley, the Red Sea coast is home to some of the most beautiful seabeds in the Middle East, ideal for snorkelling and diving. The vast rocky and sandy deserts of Nubia will satisfy trekking enthusiasts. What can we say about the region of the Nuba Mountains, the savannas and forests of the South, with their natural splendours and ethnic diversity? Africanists will find a privileged field for authentic cultural tourism.

Large spaces out of time

Simply a change of scenery. Sudan is one of those countries where time does not count, nor distance. Some will say that it will take a lot of patience in this country, others will see it as an invitation to get out of the daily routine and recharge their batteries with the bewitching beauty of the places and people. No, Sudan is not just a country to visit, it is a country to live in!

An incomparable hospitality

Let's tell ourselves that! The Sudanese are very welcoming and are quick to let people know. Receiving a foreigner is an honour for the host who will make it his duty to make his stay as pleasant as possible. Curious, proud and honest, the Sudanese will participate in making your trip a unique experience, a thousand miles from various clichés unfairly attached to this friendly country.