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Why leave to Uganda ?

With its pleasant climate all year round and relatively short distances that allow you to experience the country's great diversity in just a few weeks, Uganda is a very pleasant place to travel. As the impact of mass tourism is limited, the relationships that are established with the local population are marked by authenticity. Sometimes shy, Ugandans are very courteous and hospitable. Familiar travellers to Africa gladly claim that the welcome is unique here. Although some parts of the country are still far from the tourist circuits, you can also walk quietly in the cities and countryside, where traditions have remained alive. You will never be harassed, and even if the usual safety precautions remain in place, you can trust us without fear.

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Preparing for your trip to Uganda

Magnificent landscapes :

Geographically located on the border of East and Central Africa, crossed by the Great Rift, Uganda has an infinite variety of landscapes in a relatively small area. Vast expanses of savannah traversed by Africa's emblematic mammals in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls Parks, lush equatorial forests and volcanoes emerging from the mist on the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, sparkling crater lakes, small islands on lakes Victoria and Bunyonyi, snow-covered peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains (Moon Mountains) or desert plains in the east are all breathtaking scenery. But Uganda is also the country of the Nile, the world's longest river, which flows from Lake Victoria and whose tumultuous course is punctuated by impressive falls, cataracts and rapids.

An exceptional fauna

The country's landlocked location, numerous water resources and diverse landscapes encourage the presence of a large number of animal and plant species, some of which are endemic. Of course, many people come to Uganda to observe the famous mountain gorilla, but in a few days of safaris, you can also see lions (including the famous "arboricolous" lions of Ishasha), leopards, elephants, giraffes... There are also some 1?000 species of birds, of all sizes and colours, which make Uganda an absolute paradise for ornithologists who can easily observe the very rare Nile shoebill. It is hard not to fall in love with birds when you stay in the "Pearl of Africa".

A multitude of activities

Walks through the equatorial forest in search of gorillas and chimpanzees, 4x4 safaris in large national parks, bird watching, hiking and trekking in Rwenzori and the Mount Elgon massif, canoeing or horseback riding, Uganda is a paradise for nature lovers. For thrill-seekers, head to the "source" of the Nile for an unforgettable day of rafting on the wild river. You should also know that some lakes are ideal for swimming.