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Why leave to United Kingdom - South England ?

The main asset of southern England is of course its splendid coastline. From Kent to Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Sussex and Devon, the landscapes scroll by offering superb panoramas of postcards. From historic Victorian cities to small fishing villages and from the high white cliffs of the East to the granite chaos of the West, Great Britain shows itself at its best, with a whole portion listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Dorset side of the Jurassic Coast.

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Preparing for your trip to United Kingdom - South England

The campaign :

In Great Britain, country or countryside is a very particular concept. Green, rich in land, typical villages, heritage and landscapes, the British countryside is a preserved wonder. Hospitality makes sense in pubs and B&Bs, wherever you are. Kent, Devon, Cornwall, Sussex or Somerset are names that lull the imagination of cosy cottages in the middle of the hills, immortalized in literature and cinema.

Protected areas

They are numerous in the south of England and have managed to preserve a magnificent and wild nature. The region has four national parks: South Downs, New Forest, Exmoor and Dartmoor, all of which offer great hiking opportunities, either on the coast or in the interior. But there are also a large number of protected areas, often labelled Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), such as the fabulous Cornish coast or the green hills of the Cotswolds.

The architecture

Great Britain is the land of mysterious castles, sumptuous palaces, prestigious universities, grandiose museums and ageless heritage. A few names are enough to evoke the architectural power and renowned monuments mondiale?: Oxford, Dover Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, Windsor, Victorian Brighton and, of course, London, from Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to the City's skyscrapers.

The ads

Pub culture in Great Britain is not comparable to anything we know from home.... Real institutions and platforms of social life, they are places of meeting, relaxation, celebration and discussion dear to the British. Whether they go there after work, overflowing on the sidewalks or on weekends for fun, they go there quite regularly and there is no village without its pub across the country. Sitting in a bar or sitting by the fireplace, drinking a real ale or single malt, chatting or watching a game, these are all little pleasures that are completely British and inimitable.

The seaside resorts

The many southern seaside resorts are renowned throughout the country and make the English coastline a popular and accessible holiday destination for all. They developed massively during the Victorian era and each has its own identity and assets. While Brighton, the young and dynamic, is undoubtedly the best known of all, Margate is gradually developing as a trendy and creative new destination. In Dorset and Devon, the atmosphere is more like a holiday and relaxation, while in Cornwall, surfing is a celebration and the beaches are certainly the most beautiful in England.