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Guatemala : When to go ?

Summer between November and April is the best season to travel, despite the heat it can do from March. On the other hand, the entire end of the rainy season (early November) and the following two months are ideal: We take advantage of the lush greenery during winter under a bright sun. Finally, the rainy season (mid-May to October) is not necessarily unpleasant since tropical rain takes place at a fixed time. Nevertheless, in the Pacific Lowlands, Petén and the Caribbean, wetness is sometimes difficult to withstand and aggressive mosquitoes.

Guatemala : Go with a local agency

The lost Maya CitiesGuatemala is inseparable from its Mayan heritage, both in its history and geography, yesterday as well as today. It is in the geographic area comprising part of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras and that archaeologists call Mesoamerica that this brilliant civilization was born and was able to develop important scientific knowledge in astronomy and mathematics, impose its power and disappear without knowing why. The most famous of these cities is the fabulous Tikal, the north of the country, but Guatemala has many others. Thanks to a custom-made circuit set up by a local agency, you will discover the most beautiful of these sites!Ethnic and cultural richnessThe Maya legacy cannot be reduced to the past history of the country. The immense archaeological wealth perpetuated by the ancient Maya must not overshadow the current cultural richness of a descendant population of the Maya, with over twenty different ethnic groups. The most numerous are Quiché, Q '', Mam and Chontal, but there are still the Tzutuhils, Uspanteko, Ch'orti, etc. Each ethnicity speaks a particular syllabus and has its own way of life. By organizing your trip with a local agency, you are sure to multiply contacts with many of the premises of Maya.A land of colorWe will quickly realize the importance Indians attach to traditional clothes. The costumes they have in the highlands in particular are strong identity elements. Guatemala is a true colour festival, which is completely exploding on market days!

Guatemala is one of the cheapest countries in Latin America. The cost of living there is about 2 times less than in France for the necessities'basiques basic ?'. The average salary of a Guatemalan does not exceed the 2 200 ? Q per month (approximately 250 ? €).
Outside the popular markets and restaurants (comedores), the products and services destined for Western tourists are more expensive and correspond to the prices "Cheap ? marché" in France. The rental of vehicles and the " ? packs ?" proposed by tourist agencies are, in general, the most expensive products. The country remains broadly accessible to small budgets. 
Travellers who have the habit of "? sack ?" will have no problem in taking advantage of their stay, provided that they accept moderate comfort, and adapt to the country's few times.
The following is a small list of the cost of the most common goods and services in Guatemala ?:Fuel: around 24 Q per gallon (3,5 l) in January 2015 (diesel 22 Q).Mineral Water Bottle 1,5 l: between 5 ? Q and 10 ? Q (larger gallons cost the same price).Beer (33 cl): between 15 and 20 ? Q.Meal in a comedor (single dish with tortillas and fresh drinks, sometimes soup): between 15 and 35 ? Q.A cooked corn spur (elote), purchased on the street: 4 ? Q.Chicken bus ticket for one hour journey: about 10 ? Q, but variable according to regions (cheaper in the highlands).Double Room without bathroom in a small hotel: between 100 and 150 ? Q for 2 people.Stamp for Europe or North America: 8 ? Q.Internet Connection: between 5 and 15 Q/h.A pound of tomatoes to the market: 3 to 5 ? Q.A 3-day hike in Petén, contracted by an agency, including: $ 200 ? per person, base 3 people.FormalitésFor a stay of less than three months, European Union nationals do not need visas and pay no entry fee.However, the majority of flights to Guatemala from Europe passing Through the United States must be equipped with a new biometric passport (or a valid optical reading passport and issued before 26 October 2005). In addition to this, you will need to complete the ESTA form on the Internet site and pay the administrative fees, which is $ 14 USD.Beware of entry conditions for pets. Find out more about how they can accompany you.

Spoken languages

Castilian (Spanish) is the official language spoken by more than 60 ? % of Guatemalans. The rest of the population speaks one of the 22 Mayan languages (most of which are quiché, q '' and mam), garifuna or xinca (small community near the border of El Salvador).
Those who wish to learn Spanish (or even some Mayan languages) in Guatemala have chosen their destination well because the country is home to many language schools for foreigners.Guatemala is a popular Spanish language learning centre for foreigners, particularly North Americans. A multitude of language schools are located on the streets of Antigua, Xela and San Pedro la Laguna. The most common formula is to stay one (or more) week (s) in a Guatemalan family while following several hours of Spanish courses each day, grouped in the morning or afternoon. The whole return to about 150 or 200 ? $ the week. On weekends, and some week evenings, activities are offered to students (excursions, cinema sessions in Spanish, exit in town). But there are also more intensive formulas and formulas without accommodation. Others include volunteering in associations in addition to lessons learned.Learning the language. There are different ways to learn a few basics of language and the offer for self-learning can be done on different media: CD, DVD, exercise books or even directly on the Internet.


Guatemala's national currency is the quetzal, the name of the mythical green bird that the Maya assimilaient to a flying snake. 
There are 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 ? Q notes, and exhibits of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 centavos and 1 Q.


Guatemala enjoys a two-season tropical climate, a dry (November to mid May), a wet (from mid May to October). The month of September and the first half of October are the period of the year in which it rains most, strong tropical depressions can hit the country.

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  • Each local agent lives in the place and is an expert of the destination.
  • Your trip will be 100% tailor-made and will fit all your wishes.
  • Your local agent will always be available to ensure your trip fulfills your requirements.
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Why travel with a local agency ?

  • Each local agent lives in the place and is an expert of the destination.
  • Your trip will be 100% tailor-made and will fit all your wishes.
  • Your local agent will always be available to ensure your trip fulfills your requirements.
  • Enjoy the best prices being constantly in touch with the local organisation.

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