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Islande : When to go ?

Flying out for this beholder country of Iceland guarantees permanent change. Here, all the elements agree or struggle to create incredible paintings, unique, varied, and unexpected landscapes. Thus, time changes every five minutes - sky multiplies special effects: incredible clouds, unexpected lights, sky arches that intersect or overlap, aurora borealis. Rather young, the Icelandic population is also in motion, resulting in a formidable creative and festive energy... A simple Friday night in Reykjavik will be enough to convince you. Of course, the idea of passing summer (not to mention winter) on the edge of the polar circle can rebuter some... But in Iceland, 15 ° C does not have the same value as elsewhere. This unique, multi-faceted country will find you all the better if you are guided by Icelandic tourism professionals and organise your stay live with a local agency. You will thus make a real immersion in Icelandic culture.

The high tourist season extends from June to August. Outside this period, in May and between September and October, more and more people visit the country and enjoy the benefits of "off season". Temperatures remain mild although always unpredictable. If campsites are closed, most guesthouses and hotels are open as well as more and more restaurants. Bus lines do not work regularly, but with a car rental you can enjoy the beauty of the landscapes and move almost everywhere without great difficulty. Between November and February, Iceland is reserved for the true lovers of the country, who are not afraid of the difficult conditions of roads and cold, to discover a country that still remains wonderful. However, it should be noted that the country is developing its winter tourism and attracting a new clientele interested in winter sports (skiing, snowboard, sleigh, snowshoes, etc.) or by observing the aurora borealis. Thus, tourism seasonality is gradually declining.

Islande : Go with a local agency

A warm welcomeDespite the apparent "distance", the Icelanders show a great choice in the quality of reception, which is why accommodation on the farm or in the inhabitant becomes one of the favourite formulas of tourists. By arranging a tailor-made trip to Iceland directly with a local agency, you can easily choose this accommodation formula and experience an authentic immersion experience in Icelandic culture.Architecture: between wood and colourIceland is not, quite rightly, known for the splendour of its buildings - we do not come here for the same reasons as Prague or Florence! But the buildings have evolved in their architecture over the centuries, which can interest more than one. Some have a real passion for the discovery of abandoned farms, built in wood and covered with peat (and herbs) until the th century.Avoidance and changeIceland is absolutely unique and the rest of the world is guaranteed, even the most experienced globe. Escape is also possible through many activities. Horseback riding, walking in national parks, rafting, fishing, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowmobiles, whale watching, dolphins and puffin... Leisure activities concern people looking for calm and active tourists who want to enjoy the joys of extreme sports.In this country which is heavily dependent on imports, the cost of living is therefore particularly high. It is one of the richest countries in the world, which therefore has one of the highest standards of living. Nothing escapes this rule, the smallest article will be much more expensive than in France, so it is necessary to arrive in the country with some savings in the pocket to go to the restaurant, make some purchases, or simply shelter and move.Some examples of awardsA hot Icelandic dog: 420 Kr.A dish of the day in a café: 2 000 to 3 500 Kr.A meal in a restaurant: 3 500 to 6 000 Kr.A museum entrance: 800 to 1 300 Kr.Rates per person and tent tent: 1 500 kr.A bed in a youth hostel dormitory: around 5 000 Kr.A double room in Reykjavik: 15 000 to 20 000 Kr.A double room in the base hotel in Reykjavik: 18 000 to 28 000 Kr.One day excursion from Reykjavik (Þingvellir, Geysir, Gullfoss): 9 500 Kr.A full of gasoline for a small car: 9 000 to 12 000 Kr.The Icelanders understood this well: tourism is a real gold mine, and it is not uncommon to see prices significantly increase from one year to the next. Some of them take advantage of this to increase the capacity of their infrastructure and improve the quality of their services. Hotels are very expensive and pensions (guesthouses), if they offer lower rates, do not always offer the comfort expected for such a price (shared bathroom among others). The camping and sleeping bag (in youth hostel or pension) are the cheapest solutions. High-quality restaurants are extremely expensive, including for Icelanders who are at the end of the day. As for travel, only all-terrain vehicles are able to offer absolute freedom throughout the territory, but they are very expensive to lease. The owners explain the rates charged by the reduced life of their cars. But rest assured, a simple tourist car will also allow you in summer to approach beautiful sites. Travel costs will be less, obviously, by traveling by bus... but again, tickets are expensive and packages are worth only for long stays (two weeks).FormalitésFor stays of less than 3 months, a national ID or passport is sufficient to travel to Iceland.

Spoken languages

In addition to Icelandic, the inhabitants of the country speak, most often, English. In fact, the tourist has no difficulty in getting information and learning. Those who speak Danish or another Scandinavian language will also easily insure. The French language, by its difficulty, is rarely known to the local population.Learning language: There are different ways to learn a few basics of language and the offer for self-learning can be done on different media: CD, DVD, exercise books or even directly on the Internet.Course. On the website of the Embassy of Iceland in Paris (, you will find a complete list of organizations offering Icelandic courses in France: individual or university courses, correspondence courses, Internet, etc.


The monetary unit in Iceland is called the Icelandic crown, symbolized by ISK and in this guide by Kr.Parts distributed in Iceland: 100 Kr, 50 Kr, 10 Kr, 5 Kr and 1 Kr.Tickets distributed in Iceland: 5 000 Kr, 2 000 Kr, 1 000 Kr, and 500 Kr.


Regardless of season, take into account that time changes permanently. Nothing is ever gained! The beautiful morning sun can suddenly hide behind a thick fog, the west slope of the fjord so sunny can leave room to the slope is rainy, etc. Iceland is visiting more and more all year round. and if the summer season is the big tourist season where everything is open, the rest of the year is growing more and more to discover less world and new and different atmospheres every time.

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Why travel with a local agency ?

  • Each local agent lives in the place and is an expert of the destination.
  • Your trip will be 100% tailor-made and will fit all your wishes.
  • Your local agent will always be available to ensure your trip fulfills your requirements.
  • Enjoy the best prices being constantly in touch with the local organisation.

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