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Seychelles : When to go ?

From November to April, ideal for diving and navigation, the climate is hot and humid, the wind is low, calm sea and frequent rainfall. From May to October, the time is drier and slightly less hot, often covered in July and August; the south-east wind (so-called "suet monsoon") agite the ocean and the showers are dispersed (station to water cuts!). Therefore, it is better not to choose a hotel on the venté side of the island, some beaches being strongly discouraged for swimming and anchorage, proving to be random. It should also be noted that Seychelles is not on the road to cyclones and winds are set to force force 2 to force 5, with the trade winds marked well for each of the two seasons.

Seychelles : Go with a local agency

BeautySandy beaches, which seem to have never known the man's imprint, a sea-aquarium on a snorkeling, where ladies, papillons and other fish-Picasso receive without appointment... It is in Seychelles and nowhere else. Thanks to a local agency, you can go on a guided excursion in the most beautiful corners of the Seychelles and discover all the secrets of this archipelago.The varietySeychelles: a justified plural, both islands are different in shape, area, relief and even origin. 42 granitic (up to nearly 1 000 m) and 74 coral (rising from 6 m to 13 m): a total of 116 islands and islets spread over a territory of 1 300 000 km ², which consists of 99,997% water and 0,003% land (or paris Paris).SecuritySeychelles is one of the safest countries in the world, despite the fact that small crime has been developing in the last few years, with the coffers multiplied in hotels. A tourism police were created to monitor some relatively sensitive sites on flights. Overall, it is a question of respecting normal precautions and not leaving their affairs unattended.HospitalityA hospitable and good child. From a discreet natural point of view, Seychelles binds easily, as soon as it is considered equal.LaAs the first country, after Haiti, to "lalang says" their official language, Seychelles proudly assumes their Creole identity.La FrancophonieFrench is the third official language of the archipelago. However, only a part of the Seychelles population mastered the language of the first settlers.High cost of living! You can count on the 100 € for a single room, 200 ? € for a 2 star hotel, 250 to 300 € ? for a 3 star, 400 to 450 ? € for a 4-star and 500 € for a 5-star. At least 30 ? € in the restaurant. Many take-away came into being and you can usually eat for 4 €.FormalitésNo specific documents are required to travel to Seychelles: a valid passport is required and no vaccine is required when we come from Europe. Remember to bring your return ticket to Mahé, and keep the paper that will be provided to you at customs until return.

Spoken languages

The three national languages of Seychelles are Creole, English and French. However, Creole is the only true language of internal communication, occupying a major place in the print press, radio and television.
Born during the French and distant colonial period derived from talking about Mahe de La Bourdonnais, speaking Creole gradually pre-empted French, that the education reform of 1944 évinça of public instruction for the benefit of English. Creole has become a symbol of sociocultural identification of the Seselwa people.
Widely used in administration, commerce and teaching, English is taught in schools as a second national language, while French is taught as a foreign language.


The Seychelles rupee (SR) is available in 10, 25, 50 and 100 SR and 1 PIÈCES SR, 5, 10 and 25 cent coins.


Invariably mild, the Seychelles climate is of equatorial type, with low temperatures ranging from 26 ° C in August to 31 ° C in April. The climate is hot and humid from November to April, the sea is calm and tropical rain is frequent. From May to October, place in the dry season with the "suet monsoon" (south-east trade winds) and makes the ocean more turbulent. Whatever happens, it is difficult to forecast the weather in Seychelles, it can book surprises! But overall the humidity is high, and the months of December and January are rainy. Rain periods are typically characterized by showers more or less dense, leaving the place to a soft sky, but the sun still stays hidden several days. The transition months between the two seasons, October and especially April and May, are the most pleasant.

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