A thorough discovery of Cappadocia

Trip description

Cappadocia is certainly one of the most beautiful regions of Turkey, and most appreciated by travellers for the number and variety of excursions that the region offers. Amateurs of hiking, sports, large spaces, architecture... Everyone will be served in this beautiful region, whose relief, shaped by volcanic eruptions, is worthy of the most beautiful postcards.

Day 1: The treasures of Avanos

Day 2: In the Zemi Valley

Day 3: Goreme and the open air museum

Day 4: Excursion to Çavusin

Day 5: Underground cities

Day 6: In the heart of Cappadocia

Day 7: Last step of your dream

Day 1 : The treasures of Avanos

Day1 : The treasures of Avanos ©Loopiss - iStockphoto

Landing in Nevsehir. The city not being of great interest, immediate transfer to Avanos. Very famous for its pottery workshops, it also houses very attractive tourist sites such as the underground city, the open palace or the Saruhan caravanserai. Spend at least one night in Avanos. If you like the city, you can even choose to radiate from there for the rest of the discovery.

Day 2 : In the Zemi Valley

Day2 : In the Zemi Valley ©Author's Image

Departure early in the morning for Ürgüp where you will take the time to visit the village in the morning. Then you will reach the Zemi Valley for a short hike to Göreme (6 km). Plan a picnic and enough water, especially if you take this walk in the summer.

Day 3 : Goreme and the open air museum

You are at the heart of tourist Cappadocia. Play the game and enjoy to sleep and eat in the idyllic surroundings of the tufa houses or cave cellars. Spend the day visiting the extraordinary outdoor museum with its churches and monasteries carved into the rock. Certainly the most breathtaking step in Cappadocia!

Day 4 : Excursion to Çavusin

You will easily join this village from Goreme. Dug in the rock, it is the starting point for many walks in the region, which you can do on foot or on horseback according to your preferences. Go back in the evening to sleep in this village more in the tourist circuits.

Day 5 : Underground cities

Day5 : Underground cities ©Author's Image

They are the must-see visit in Cappadocia, and you won't have too much time to get around them from Çavusin. There are five of them that are really worth a visit. In the evening, join Uçhisar, a UNESCO heritage village where you can stretch your legs in a magical cade.

Day 6 : In the heart of Cappadocia

Uçhisar is the highest point of Cappadocia and its beating heart. You can admire fairy chimneys and rocky peaks with convoluted shapes as far as the eye can see. A dream setting that you will find it difficult to get tired of and that you can walk on horseback or on foot again.

Day 7 : Last step of your dream

Day7 : Last step of your dream ©EvrenKalinbacak - Fotolia

Ortahisar is once again a village a little off the beaten track, where you can visit the huge fruit and vegetable warehouses dug in its basement, where you can see the air vents that protrude. The village also houses a citadel and a charming network of traditional houses. If you have time, take the opportunity to complete a few hikes around the village. Otherwise, return to Nevsehir to complete your loop.

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