Dresden, capital of Saxony

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2 days to visit Dresden by logging in this city rocked by the Elbe. Almost destroyed by the bombings in the Second World War, the capital of Saxony will prove that it has managed to rebuild itself for your great pleasure.

Day 1 : Evening in the heart of the Altstadt and the Äussere Neustadt

Day1 : Evening in the heart of the Altstadt and the Äussere Neustadt

Night walk in the heart of the old town (Altstadt): a night walk around the main tourist attractions of the Altstadt will be a wonderful introduction on Friday evening. You will be alone, or almost alone, with the monuments taken over by tourists during the day. From the Altmarkt, walk to the Frauenkirche, walk on the Neumarkt and then take Augustusstrasse for a tête-à-tête with the thirty-five princes of Wettin's house, painted on the porcelain tiles of the Fürstenzug. You will reach the beautiful Georgentor, once a gateway to the city, and the Theaterplatz where the Semperoper, Taschenbergpalais, Zwinger, Hofkirche and Terrasse Brühl stand for your eyes only. Take the latter for a walk overlooking the Elbe: the panorama is magical, whatever the season. A real Saxon dinner, with a Sauerbraten, red cabbage and a good beer, is now a must in one of the taverns of the Altstadt!A lively evening in the Äussere Neustadt: on weekend evenings, this trendy district, frequented by artists and students, vibrates with all its colours and music. Stroll through Görlitzer Strasse, Louisenstrasse or Alaunstrasse to discover the city's many bars with their bohemian and musical atmosphere, whether rock, electro or jazz.

Day 2 : Culture in Innere Neustadt and shopping in Äussere Neustadt

Day2 : Culture in Innere Neustadt and shopping in Äussere Neustadt

The Baroque district of Innere Neustadt: start your Saturday with an invigorating walk along the Elbe River on the north shore. At the end of the Augustusbrücke bridge, greet you with the high golden equestrian statue of Augustus the Strong, the Goldener Reiter. Around the pretty Japanese Palace, you can admire the view of the Altstadt, the famous Canaletto Blick painted in the 18th century by Bernardo Bellotto. Leave the banks of the river and head further into the Baroque Quarter (Barockviertel) with its charming 18th century houses and courtyards. Enter the Dreikönigskirche (Church of the Three Kings) and admire its 15th century macabre dance. You can have lunch in one of the delicious restaurants in the Baroque Quarter or take a walk to the covered market, the Neustädter Marktfor a meal on the go. Trendy and personalised shopping in the Äussere Neustadt: this district is not only famous for its nightlife. Many artists live and work there. Many of them have workshops where you can find quality craftsmanship: ceramics and porcelain have a long tradition in Dresden. Around Louisenstrasse and Görlitzer Strasse, you can also find improbable vinyls, cheap but trendy clothes, clothes from local designers... Don't miss the opportunity Kunsthofa series of courtyards of buildings magnificently decorated by contemporary artists, in which a myriad of small workshops, charming cafés and restaurants are hidden. Also take a look at the "most beautiful creamery in the world", the Pfunds Molkereiin Bautzner Strasse. In the evening, explore the many restaurants and bars of the Äussere Neustadt or return to the Innere Neustadt for a more chic dinner and a quieter evening.

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