Espacades in Azerbaijan

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By its geographical position, Azerbaijan is the result of a mixture of cultures, religions and architectures. The natural landscapes offered by the country will delight walkers. Here are some travel ideas focused on the country's wealth.

Day 1: Fortresses of Azerbaijan

Day 2: At the crossroads of religions

Day 3: From one border to another

Day 1 : Fortresses of Azerbaijan

Day1 : Fortresses of Azerbaijan ©Sylvie FRANCOISE

A crossroads between East and West, Azerbaijan was an obligatory passage of most caravan caravan caravans. And the country still bears the traces of this prestigious past. The lovers of history, who are also good walkers, will therefore be able to begin to attack the vestiges of this era: the old town of Baku and Shaki, of course, but also the numerous fortresses perched in the mountains (Chirag, along the north coast, but mostly the surroundings of Gakh and Ilisu in the north-central part of the country, as well as the surroundings of Shaki). A fun and cultural way to discover the beautiful mountains of the Caucasus, while having well-defined hiking objectives. For most of these hikes, the presence of a local guide is strongly recommended.

Day 2 : At the crossroads of religions

Day2 : At the crossroads of religions ©Sylvie FRANCOISE

However, in the majority of Islam's land, Azerbaijan has many religions, some missing, and others still alive. A stay centered on the discovery of this religious heritage will therefore pass through Baku and its ancient mosques, the Absheron Peninsula and its temple of fire, Shamakhi and its mosque in hybrid architecture, between East and West, Shaki and its pagan temples alternating into Catholic churches and then museums, Kish and its Albanian church, one of the oldest in the country. Not to mention the few Russian or Armenian Orthodox churches scattered in Baku and some of the country's main cities. As well as the numerous Muslim shrines and places of worship in the vicinity of Baku, sites sometimes tinged with paganism as to Besh Same. True focus of religious history.

Day 3 : From one border to another

Day3 : From one border to another ©Sylvie FRANCOISE

Many tourists combine a visit to Azerbaijan with a visit to Georgia and/or Iran. The main road between Tbilisi and Baku allows you to discover most of the country's major historical sites (Sheki, Shamakhi and Baku). From Baku to the Iranian border of Astara, the route takes the traveller along the Caspian Sea to meet local fishermen, but also mountain people from the south, around Istisu.

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