Finland in one week

Trip description

Head in, before organizing your stay, that the distances are large. So it's impossible to do everything in a week. However, you will find some indicative options below.

Day 1: Visit to Helsinki

Day 2: Escapade on the fortress island of Suomenlinna

Day 3: Infinite lakes in Lappeenranta

Day 4: Night in mökki (cottage)

Day 5: Picturesque city of Porvoo

Day 6: Nuuksio Forest

Day 1 : Visit to Helsinki

Day1 : Visit to Helsinki ©Serge OLIVIER - Author's Image

The city is full of museums and there are many urban walks. The most sporty will cycle through the city in summer on Helsinki's many cycle paths and in the parks, on the cross-country ski trails in winter. Fans of cultural visits will immerse themselves in the city by bus (or even tourist bus) or tramway (3B or 3T). After the market square, Kauppatori, and the Senate square dominated by the Lutheran cathedral, a visit to the Kiasma museum is an opportunity to discover the audacity of the Finns in contemporary art. Finnish history will no longer hold any secrets for you after a visit to the National Museum (Kansallismuseo on Mannerheimintie). In the evening, feel free to book tickets for the opera or, depending on your taste, for an ice hockey match at HIFK or Jokerit Stadium, two Helsinki clubs.

Day 2 : Escapade on the fortress island of Suomenlinna

Day2 : Escapade on the fortress island of Suomenlinna ©Serge OLIVIER - Author's Image

It takes two days to visit the city, including the must-see fortress island of Suomenlinna. A particularly interesting guided tour, provided you are in Finland on sunny days, because in the middle of winter, the tours are complicated with snow and some museums closed. You will then have a picnic on one of the beaches (where you can also swim) with a choice of views of the capital or the archipelago. Back in Helsinki, visit the nearby Orthodox Uspenski Cathedral. In the evening, thrill-seekers will enjoy the Linnanmäki amusement park. Take some time to check the bus schedules for Lappeenranta. Also try to book a chalet (mökki) for the following days.

Day 3 : Infinite lakes in Lappeenranta

Day3 : Infinite lakes in Lappeenranta ©Serge OLIVIER - Author's Image

Departure in the morning for Lappeenranta 225 km northeast of Helsinki (3 hours of bus), to discover Finland of the lakes. Embark as soon as possible on a few hours cruise on Saimaa Lake, the largest of the 190 000 lakes in Finland. You will discover one of the most spectacular lacustrine systems in Europe, which is very characteristic of the country. The fortress of Lappeenranta with its paved streets, museums and old houses also deserve a detour.

Day 4 : Night in mökki (cottage)

Day4 : Night in mökki (cottage) ©François JANNE DOTHEE

Try to rent a mökki with sauna on the edge of a lake, bicycle or canoe rental, with the Finnish tourist office and spend the night enjoying the calm and solitude, a Finnish pleasure... Swimming in the lake before a good sauna to get warmer, and fishing aboard the canoe to get her fish in the evening barbecue! After this first contact with the Finnish nature, direction Porvoo.

Day 5 : Picturesque city of Porvoo

Day5 : Picturesque city of Porvoo ©Agence de Promotion de Madère

The second oldest and most beautifully preserved city in Finland, is well worth a visit for its old church, old town, winding cobbled streets and red wooden houses... Porvoo also has many museums including those of Runeberg, and Edelfelt-Vallgren. Travel to Helsinki on a cruise ship like the Runeberg (check the timetables at the tourist office). The capital's archipelago is indeed of great beauty.

Day 6 : Nuuksio Forest

Day6 : Nuuksio Forest ©Alexanderphoto7 -

Take the bus to visit the nearest nature park to Helsinki and its dense Finnish forest. The site offers several trails with varying distances. Bring something to quench your thirst and possibly a picnic. You can also swim in the many lakes of Nuuksio. Be aware of any festivals or music concerts that may be scheduled that day!

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