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La truffe, une grosse production régionale

You will start your day with a guided tour of the Moutarderie Fallot, the latest 100% Burgundian mustard factory.

We will show you the history of this condiment and the manufacturing process in the last large family mustard factory in Burgundy and the first French museum dedicated to mustard. Of course you will also be able to taste mustards with blackcurrant, gingerbread, tarragon, honey, etc....

Thanks to a revolutionary staging and the use of highly sophisticated visual, sound and sensory means, you will finally discover live all the stages of the transformation of the mustard seed: from the storage silo to the packaging of the finished product.

While La Moutarderie Fallot has managed to preserve the traditional and ancestral method of manufacture, the stone-grinding of the seeds, it is now proud to invite you to discover new experiences and new sensations thanks to this new route worthy of the 21st century!

The visit will end with a mustard tasting.

We then offer you two possibilities at the end of the morning and lunch

Option Burgundy wines

We take you to a family estate in the Côtes de Beaune.

You will be welcomed by the winemaker and his family.

You will start with a visit to the vineyards. Explanation of the work in the vineyard, the annual cycle of the vine, the terroirs, classifications and appellations. You will be in the heart of Burgundy's climates, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015.

Then you will go with the winegrower to his cellar. A first tasting will be the opportunity to have explanations about the harvest, the vinification, the maturing and the conservation of the wines.

At the end of the visit, you will take part in a special food and wine pairing lunch which will be concocted for you by his daughter.

Burgundy truffles option

A unique experience in contact with a Burgundy truffle professional in the Côte de Nuits.

You will be welcomed by Thierry the owner. He will give you and his dog a demonstration of digging (truffle search) in his domain.

You will then sit down at the table where a delicious lunch around the truffle will be served:

Aperitif: Toast tapenade, truffle sausage and a glass of ratatruff.

Starter: Rabbit terrine, parsleyed ham, and poultry rillettes all with Burgundy truffles accompanied by a green salad and strips of fresh truffles

Warm dish: Crushed potatoes with truffle butter and chicken fillet accompanied by a Burgundy truffle sauce.

Cheese: Small goat's cheese corks topped with truffled honey and then fresh cheese mixed with Burgundy truffle.

Dessert: Profiteroles topped with Burgundy truffle ice cream.

With a bottle of red Burgundy selected by the owner for 4 people.

You will then visit the famous Gaugry Cheese Dairy in Brochon, which specialises in the production of soft cow's milk cheeses with washed rind, including the less famous Epoisses de Bourgogne, Brillat savarin, Ami du Chambertin, Soumaintrain, etc...

The production process will be presented to you and you will be able to taste 5 cheeses accompanied by bread and a glass of wine.

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