Most of Bhutan in 5 days

Trip description

A trip to Bhutan certainly requires a certain budget. In many cases, the latter determines the length of the stay, as stays in Bhutan are often only made through a duly authorized travel agency. However, don't deny your pleasure. Especially since even a few days in the "Land of the Thunder Dragon" should simply delight all travellers looking for something else

Day 1: Paro

Day 2: Discovery of Tiger Nest

Day 3: Direction Punakha

Day 4: Thimpu, the capital

Day 1 : Paro

As soon as you arrive in Paro (flights usually arrive in the middle of the day), start with a visit to the dzong (monastery-fortress). If time permits, a short visit to the national museum may be a good option.

Day 2 : Discovery of Tiger Nest

Take your walking shoes to discover Tiger Nest in Takshang Goemba. The less courageous can be left with a mule to reach the monastery, hanging on the hill. It is one of the most beautiful in the country. There is magic in the air!

Day 3 : Direction Punakha

On the way, especially from September to October, when the sky is clear, the view from the pass is sublime: the Himalayas are set against a blue background. The Punakha dzong is one of the most beautiful in the country and its visit is a must.

Day 4 : Thimpu, the capital

We have to go back to the capital of Thimphu. The opportunity to carry out the last visits: dzong of the capital, the textile museum or the national zoo.

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