Nepal and the Kathmandu Valley in one week

Trip description

A week's stay will allow you to discover the treasures of the Kathmandu Valley. Here, there will be for all tastes, and this stay is addressed to all. Both solo travellers and groups of friends, or families, everyone can discover the Kathmandu Valley and its temples.

Day 1: Kathmandu

Day 2: Kathmandu, in the early morning

Day 3: Patan

Day 4: Kathmandu, the inescapable temples

Day 5: On the way to Bhaktapur

Day 6: Bhaktapur

Day 7: Return to Kathmandu

Day 1 : Kathmandu

Day1 : Kathmandu ©HUGO CANABI - ICONOTEC

Take advantage of this first day to give you a long journey. Stroll through the turbulent streets of the capital and soak up the atmosphere of the city. Don't hesitate to leave the Occasional area to escape from the Rabatteurs and enjoy the spectacle of everyday life.

Day 2 : Kathmandu, in the early morning

Day2 : Kathmandu, in the early morning ©Hugo Canabi - Iconotec

In the early morning, at a time when the shops have not yet lifted their iron curtains (around 7:30 am), return to Dubar Square. At the foot of the temples that have made Kathmandu a dazzling kingdom, you will witness the unpacking of the market. Soon, the whole city will be awake. Continue the tour towards Swayambhunath (2 km to the west). It is at the top of a long series of steps that the faithful gather every day around the oldest stupa in the valley.

Day 3 : Patan

Day3 : Patan ©Thierry Lauzun - Iconotec

Go to Patan to spend the day there. The museum located within the walls of the Royal Palace is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the country and is a must visit. Explore the streets of the ancient kingdom city to discover the multitude of Buddhist temples, built hidden from view in small hidden courtyards. Return to Kathmandu in the evening.

Day 4 : Kathmandu, the inescapable temples

Day4 : Kathmandu, the inescapable temples ©Thierry Lauzun - Iconotec

In this country where Hindus and Buddhists find themselves in the same temples, there are several sacred places. Bodnath and Pashupatinath are part of them. Only twenty minutes walk separate the two sanctuaries and offer a pleasant walk.

Day 5 : On the way to Bhaktapur

Day5 : On the way to Bhaktapur ©Author's Image

It's time to run away from the city. If the weather allows it, it is at dawn that you should go to Nagarkot or Dhulikhel to admire a panorama of the Himalayan peaks: Langtang Lirung (7,246 m), Dorje Lakpa (6,966 m) or Gauri Shankar (7,145 m). Night in the evening in Bhaktapur.

Day 6 : Bhaktapur

Day6 : Bhaktapur ©Author's Image

Laissez, the most beautiful of the three medieval kingdoms. " The City of the consecrated "reveals its treasures at every corner of the street and captivated visitors: fenêtre, massive stone sculptures or gardiens temple guards.

Day 7 : Return to Kathmandu

Return to Kathmandu and last purchase before resuming the plane (international flights often leave in the evening).

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