One week in Flanders

Trip description

Made up of cities such as Antwerp, Bruges or Ostend, Flanders offers you great visits! Take a week to visit northern Belgium to enjoy the coast and to take a bike tour.

Day 1: Antwerp

Day 2: Detour to Mechelen

Day 3: Ghent, the beautiful Flemish

Day 4: Bruges, Northern Venice

Day 5: Bruges and its culture

Day 6: Ostend

Day 7: Ypres

Day 1 : Antwerp

Day1 : Antwerp ©horstgerlach

In the largest city of Flanders, there are many museums and monuments. You can also enjoy the numerous restaurants and lively nightlife. The old town, the Grand Place and the numerous references to Rubens are flagship steps for any self-respecting sightseeing tour.

Day 2 : Detour to Mechelen

If you have time, go to Mechelen, a beautiful city on a human scale, which offers many interesting monuments.

Day 3 : Ghent, the beautiful Flemish

Nowhere else in Belgium will you see so many historical and sumptuous buildings gathered in the same place. It is ideal to spend at least one evening in order to enjoy the city's stunning illuminations.

Day 4 : Bruges, Northern Venice

Day4 : Bruges, Northern Venice ©dbrnjhrj / Adobe Stock

Start the day by climbing the 366 steps of the belfry up to the 5th floor: there is a magnificent view, not to mention the treasury and other remains of the tower that are accessible to the different floors. In the afternoon, take a mini-cruise on the canals to admire the bridges and the many houses that bathe in the water. In the evening, enjoy some mussels and french fries in a typical restaurant or treat yourself to a good restaurant! Bruges has a panel of very good addresses when it is about gastronomy.

Day 5 : Bruges and its culture

Day5 : Bruges and its culture ©Adornes Hôtel

Visit the former Saint-Jean href="" etbspf_id:307502""="" target="" _blank""="" title="" old"="" h="" pital="" saint-jean="" et="" mus="" e="" memling="" memlin...="" Hospital and

Day 6 : Ostend

Day6 : Ostend ©Author's Image

Spend a day on the Belgian coast. In addition to having a beautiful beach (9 km of sand) and a beautiful promenade, Ostend is a true seaside town with a lively center and a number of attractions, including the excellent museum href="" etbspf_id:498811""="" title="" mu.="" eee"="" mus="" e="" des="" arts="" modernes="" et="" beaux...="" target="" _blank""="" of modern art and the

Day 7 : Ypres

Day7 : Ypres ©Santi Rodri?guez / Adobe Stock

This martyr city, razed during the First World War, was carefully reconstructed. Go through the Grand Place, admire Saint-Martin Cathedral and visit the href="" etbspf_id:359099""="" target="" _blank""="" title="" museum"="" in="" flanders="" fields="" In Flanders Fields Museum, which will allow you to relive the events of the First World War. Then, you can go to one of the typical estates of the surrounding area, before crossing the nearby French border...

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