One week in the Zagreb region

Trip description

Starting a week is a good option to combine a discovery of Zagreb and the hinterland of the Croatian capital.

Day 1: Old town and panorama

Day 2: Market and museums

Day 3: Northern Zagreb region

Day 4: Western Zagreb, Zagorje

Day 5: National Park of Plitvice Lakes

Day 6: Morning hike

Day 7: Return to Zagreb

Day 1 : Old town and panorama

Day1 : Old town and panorama ©Ana NEVENKA - Iconotec

Meet in the huge Jelacica square. Visit the old town, the districts of Gradec and Kaptol then the lower town, the green alleys, the pedestrian area, the botanical garden. Climb onto the roof terrace of a skyscraper (Ilica Street) for a 360-degree view of the city. Stroll along the shops of Ilica Avenue, the Champs-Élysées of Zagreb.

Day 2 : Market and museums

Day2 : Market and museums ©Ana NEVENKA - Iconotec

Go to the Dolac market, walk along Radiceva street with its medieval charm, Tkal?i?eva street with its shops, cafés, pubs and restaurants lined up. Visit the museums of Zagreb, often housed in palaces or rich residences with superb collections (capital city required!).

Day 3 : Northern Zagreb region

Day3 : Northern Zagreb region ©Xbrchx -

Rent a car to visit the Oroslavlje, the city Samobor. On the road, panoramic view or stop to visit the castles (Miljana, Veliki Tabor, Trakoscan). Night in the old Baroque town of Varaždin.

Day 4 : Western Zagreb, Zagorje

Vineyard and castle route, overnight at Bežanec Castle or in one of the region's spa resorts, e. g. Lipi?e Toplice.

Day 5 : National Park of Plitvice Lakes

Start early in the morning, take the road from Otocac, Vrhovine, then follow the well-signposted itinerary of the famous park. Night around (multiple possibilities).

Day 6 : Morning hike

A morning hike in the park, to discover the magnificent nature, closest to waterfalls, rivers and ponds.

Day 7 : Return to Zagreb

Day7 : Return to Zagreb ©Ana NEVENKA - Iconotec

Back to Zagreb and last walk in the Croatian capital.

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