Route 66, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas

Trip description

This course is an extension of the Route 66 with 2 additional days dedicated to the visit of the Grand Canyon (south shore) and Las Vegas. An entire day is planned to visit Chicago, and two more days are reserved to discover Los Angeles and its region (Pasadena, Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles).

Day 1: Departure from Paris, arrival in Chicago

Day 2: Visit of Chicago

Day 3: Chicago-Bloomington. 214 km (133 miles)

Day 4: Bloomington-Saint-Louis. 286 km (178 miles)

Day 5: Saint-Louis-Springfield. 370 km (230 miles)

Day 6: Springfield-Tulsa. 327 km (203 miles)

Day 7: Tulsa-Weatherford. 319 km (198 miles)

Day 8: Weatherford-Amarillo. 317 km (197 miles)

Day 9: Amarillo-Tucumcari. 182 km (113 miles)

Day 10: Tucumcari-Santa Fe. 291 km (181 miles)

Day 11: Santa Fe-Gallup. 325 km (202 miles)

Day 12: Gallup-Flagstaff. 340 km (211 miles)

Day 13: Flagstaff-Grand Canyon. 169 km (105 miles)

Day 14: Grand Canyon-Kingman. 306 km (190 miles)

Day 15: Kingman-Las Vegas. 167 km (104 miles)

Day 16: Las Vegas-Needles. 179 km (111 miles)

Day 17: Needles-Barstow. 266 km (165 miles)

Day 18: Barstow-Pasadena. 208 km (129 miles)

Day 19: Pasadena-Santa Monica via Hollywood. 43 km (27 miles)

Day 20: Santa Monica-Los Angeles via Mulholland Drive. 50 km (31 miles)

Day 21: Los Angeles-Paris CDG

Day 1 : Departure from Paris, arrival in Chicago

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Arrival in Chicago at the end of the day and moving to the hotel.

Day 2 : Visit of Chicago

©Claire DELBOS

Prioritize the starting points and arrival points of the Route 66. Visit The Art Institute of Chicago, Grant Park and Millennium Park. Enjoy the sound and light of Buckingham Fountain (day and night). Climb at the top of the Willis Tower and admire the city at the top of its 103 floors. If you have time, go to Navy Pier or visit one of the other museums in the city, such as the Chicago History Museum or the Museum of Science and Industry. For your meal or for a drink, stop at Lou Mitchell's or at Miller's Pub. Night in Chicago.

Day 3 : Chicago-Bloomington. 214 km (133 miles)

©Claire DELBOS

Take over of the rental vehicle and departure for the journey. In Joliet, Rialto Theater and the prison are the highlights. In Wilmington, make a photo session in front of your first giant (Gemini Giant) of the Route 66. Stop at Odell for its beautiful 1932 standard service station. Pontiac offers several museums to visit and beautiful mural frescoes. It will also be your first meeting with Bob Waldmire, an artist on the Route 66. Night in Bloomington.

Day 4 : Bloomington-Saint-Louis. 286 km (178 miles)

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Take a little time in Atlanta, with its other giant of the Route 66 (Paul Bunyan's Giant) and its many frescoes. At Lincoln, as in Springfield, Abraham Lincoln is honoured. The Oak Ridge Cemetery, where he was buried is worth a visit. Between Chatham and Auburn, discover an original, still paved, Route 66 portion that you can take over 1,4 mile. a delight! When you arrive in Saint-Louis, don't miss Mustang Corral in Edwardsville or the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. In Saint-Louis, see the ark. Night in Saint-Louis.

Day 5 : Saint-Louis-Springfield. 370 km (230 miles)

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At the exit of Saint-Louis, you will discover the beginning of the Goddaer Mountains. At Stanton, the Wax Museum dedicated to Jesse James and the Meramec Caverns deserve a visit. Then go through the towns of Bourbon, Cuba, Saint James and Rolla before arriving at Devil's Elbow Bridge, superb. At Springfield, spend a pleasant night at the 66 Rail Haven.

Day 6 : Springfield-Tulsa. 327 km (203 miles)

©Jean-Baptiste THIBAUT

Halltow and its Whitehall Mercantile, as well as Paris Springs and its Sinclair station will be your first stops. Following Carthage, with its courthouse and drive-in cinema, then Carterville, for its old cars exposed in the street, including a model truck that inspired the designers of the cartoon Cars. By passing to Kansas, make a short stop at Galena and Cars on The Route. In Oklahoma, take a good half an hour to discover the Miami frescoes, go to Claremore to visit the Will Rogers Memorial Museum then, before arriving at Tulsa, take a photo break in front of the blue whale of {7}Catoosa{/7}. Night in Tulsa.

Day 7 : Tulsa-Weatherford. 319 km (198 miles)

©Claire DELBOS

Don't leave Tulsa without seeing Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza on your way out of the town. Chandler, with its Route 66 Interpretive Center, and Warwick, with the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum, are a must. A little further, the Arcadia Round Barn will no doubt impress you. Try arriving at the National Cow Boy & Western Heritage Museum for lunch, to link the taste of an excellent buffet to the very interesting visit of the site. Shortly before Bridgeport, you will spend an unforgettable experience when crossing of the Pony Bridge. At Hydro, make a photo stop in front of Lucille's Service Station.

Day 8 : Weatherford-Amarillo. 317 km (197 miles)

©Claire DELBOS

In the morning, before crossing the Texas border, visit the Route 66 of Clinton and Elk City. Both are complementary and very well-designed. For lunch, stop at Shamrock and admire its beautiful Art Deco resort, Tower Station & U-Drop Inn Cafe. To Groom, observe the leaned water castle and go to the foot of the largest U.S. cross, 58 meters high. As far as Amarillo is concerned, the Cadillac Ranch (visit to plan the next day, on the departure road) and the Big Texan Steak Ranch are the two places you should not miss.

Day 9 : Amarillo-Tucumcari. 182 km (113 miles)

©Claire DELBOS

For lunch, a stop at the Vega's Boot Hill Saloon is required before observing the few frescoes of the city. At Adrian, halfway from Route 66, stop at Mid Point Café. In Tucumcari, keep time for a walk along the Route 66 which runs through the city in order to shoot the brands of old motels that are waiting for you. Night in Tucumcari.

Day 10 : Tucumcari-Santa Fe. 291 km (181 miles)

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On the road to Santa Fe, stop at Santa Rosa. The Route 66 Auto Museum is a real gem. Go to Santa Fe with a small hook in Las Vegas (New Mexico, not Nevada) and the Pecos National Historic Park. Then you know more about Glorieta Pass, which awaits you further, and the battle that took place during the Civil War. At Santa Fe, visit the city centre where you can spend a pleasant evening. Night in Santa Fe.

Day 11 : Santa Fe-Gallup. 325 km (202 miles)

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Go to Albuquerque late in the morning for lunch on Central Avenue. 4th Street is the ideal place to stop for admiring the Kimo Theatre and some other beautiful buildings. Then take the road to Gallup via Laguna, Grants and Church Rock. On the way, you will cross several pueblos and you also have the opportunity to take a detour through Sky City. Respect the private properties and prohibitions to take photos in the Indian reserves. Night at Gallup.

Day 12 : Gallup-Flagstaff. 340 km (211 miles)

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Soon after leaving Gallup, you will reach Lupton and Arizona. Welcome to the Navajo territory! The landscape becomes desert. Make a stop to visit the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest National Park, which are two sites located in the same national park. Lunch in Holbrook. Take the road by stopping in Winslow and then visit Meteor Crater. Before arriving at Flagstaff, stop at Two Guns and Twin Arrows. Night at Flagstaff.

Day 13 : Flagstaff-Grand Canyon. 169 km (105 miles)

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From Flagstaff, go to the South shore of the Grand Canyon by Highway 89. Photo stop throughout the superbb View Drive. Arrival at Grand Canyon Village, settling in a hotel and preparation for an extraordinary sunset.

Day 14 : Grand Canyon-Kingman. 306 km (190 miles)


The road to take the Route 66 from Williams is straight and fast. Stop at Williams, Ash Fork and Seligman. If you have time, visit the Grand Canyon Caverns. Continue the road to Kingman by stopping at the Hackberry General Store. Night in Kingman.

Day 15 : Kingman-Las Vegas. 167 km (104 miles)

©Audrey DOHET

Think of reserving your accommodation on the Internet before you arrive on the spot, and above all, compare prices: hotels make permanent promotions. Start early enough to arrive in Las Vegas late in the morning. Book discounted show tickets at one of the city's Tix 4 Tonight kiosks. Don't hesitate to retrieve discount coupons in one of the free magazines you'll find. Spend the rest of the afternoon visiting the Strip and his palaces. At night, depending on the time of your show, go to Downtown to see the bright show in Fremont Street and discover the old casinos in Vegas. For lunch or dinner, choose from the many buffets offered by the hotels... and use the discount coupons!

Day 16 : Las Vegas-Needles. 179 km (111 miles)

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Profit from your morning for a final tour in casinos that you did not visit the day before. If you haven't yet done so, try your luck with slot machines. Snack on site, take a little good time in the city, then take the Highway 95 to goto Needles which is at less than 2 hours' drive. Arrival in Needles late in the afternoon. Night on site.

Day 17 : Needles-Barstow. 266 km (165 miles)

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Continue your way on the Route 66. The road will be hot and deserted till Newberry Springs. Think of drinking plenty of water and protect yourself from the sun. At Newberry Springs, take a break at Baghdad Café before going ot Barstow. Night in Barstow.

Day 18 : Barstow-Pasadena. 208 km (129 miles)

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Leave Barstow early because this day will be long. At the start of the journey, take the road to Helendale and stop at the Bottle Tree Ranch. Once you have crossed Victorville, reach the beautiful Cajon Pass then go to San Bernardino. From there, you have miles to reach Pasadena. Night in Pasadena.

Day 19 : Pasadena-Santa Monica via Hollywood. 43 km (27 miles)

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To reach Santa Monica, several Route 66 layouts are available to you right north of Downtown Los Angeles. From here follow Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, discover Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Go to Palisades Park and Santa Monica Pier. You're at the end of the adventure trip! Night in Santa Monica.

Day 20 : Santa Monica-Los Angeles via Mulholland Drive. 50 km (31 miles)

©Audrey DOHET

For the last day, take the time to discover Mulholland Drive from Santa Monica, then go to Downtown Los Angeles. Don't forget to go to the corner of Broadway and 7th Street, which was the official end of Route 66 until 1936. Night in downtown.

Day 21 : Los Angeles-Paris CDG

Getting the rented vehicle back, shopping, last preparation and departure.

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