Stopover in Ulan Bator

Trip description

If you use the Mongolian branch of the Trans-Siberian Railway, between Irkutsk and Beijing, you will necessarily pass through the Mongolian capital. Crossing the "suburbs" where the habitat is mainly made up of yurts, you will not be able to resist the desire for a quick visit of Ulan Bator, during a stopover between two trains.

Day 1: Ulan Bator's cultural sites

Day 2: Religious buildings

Day 1 : Ulan Bator's cultural sites

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Start your contact with the city by visiting the History Museum or the Fine Arts Museum (or both if you are fond of museums). Spend the afternoon on a walk that will allow you to take a little bit of the city's temperature when you reach the Gandan monastery. Evening around Sukhbaatar Square.

Day 2 : Religious buildings


In the morning visit the Bogdo Khan Palace and Museum, certainly the most beautiful palace in the country, then continue with the Choijin lama monastery, considered in turn as the most beautiful monastery in Mongolia. In the afternoon, walk on the Zaisan hill for a panoramic view of Ulan Bator.

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