Ten days in Honduras

Trip description

This short period is enough to experience the main experiences Honduras has to offer: going back in time by walking in one of the most famous Mayan sites in the world, swimming in the warm and transparent waters of the Caribbean, getting lost in lush vegetation. This stay begins and ends in San Pedro Sula. The economic capital is indeed closer to tourist places (the ruins of Copan, the Caribbean, Lake Yojoa...) than is the political capital, Tegucigalpa. There are also many more airline choices and international flights from San Pedro Sula airport.

Day 1: Heading for Copán Ruinas

Day 2: Mayan remains

Day 3: Relaxing by sea

Day 4: A breath of fresh air

Day 5: Strong sensations

Day 6: Paradise Islands

Day 7: Exploration of the seabed

Day 8: Last evening in heaven

Day 9: Back on earth

Day 1 : Heading for Copán Ruinas

Day1 : Heading for Copán Ruinas ©holgs - iStockphoto.com

Just arrived in San Pedro Sula, no time out, drive to Copán Ruinas

Day 2 : Mayan remains

Nearby is the great Mayan archaeological site of Honduras. Impressive and magical, these ruins are eye-catching.

Day 3 : Relaxing by sea

Day3 : Relaxing by sea ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Route for La Ceiba. Walk on the port. Rest on the beaches.

Day 4 : A breath of fresh air

Day4 : A breath of fresh air ©Nickolas warner - Shutterstock.com

Go to Pico Bonito to do a beautiful hike in the middle of nature. At the foot of the mountain, discover an abundant fauna and flora.

Day 5 : Strong sensations

Rafting day on the Cangrejal River.

Day 6 : Paradise Islands

Day6 : Paradise Islands ©Angela N Perryman - Shutterstock.com

From Pico Bonito, return to La Ceiba and immediately take the boat to Utila or Roatán, as you wish

Day 7 : Exploration of the seabed

The dive is really cheap and the sites are worth a look: we must take advantage of this!

Day 8 : Last evening in heaven

Return again to La Ceiba for the last evening.

Day 9 : Back on earth

Take a bus to San Pedro Sula, and fly back to France.

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