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It takes at least three weeks to visit the country, visit the capital city of Dhaka and the countless tourist sites.

Day 1 : Visit to the capital

Day1 : Visit to the capital

Visit of Dhaka, starting with the old Dhaka, the port of Sadarghat, the crossing of the Buriganga River by boat and a tour of the main monuments: Ahsan Manzil, Lalbagh Fort, Hussaini Dalan, the mosquée de l'Étoile,Armenian Church and the Hindu Temple of Dakheshwari

Day 2 : Museums in Dhaka

Day2 : Museums in Dhaka

The second day can be devoted to visiting museums, including the National Museum, the Liberation War Museum and the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Museum.

Day 3 : Around Dhaka

Day3 : Around Dhaka

Explore the area of Dhaka. The easiest thing is to have a chauffeur with driver even if you can use local buses. The first day will take you to the village of Dhamrai with its founder of bronze statues and potters. On the road, stop at the Martyrs'National Monument. In return, you can stop at the National Parliament, work by architect Louis Kahn.

Day 4 : Sonargaon, the old capital

Day4 : Sonargaon, the old capital

Set the course on Sonargaon, a former capital with minimal remains. On the other hand, you will fall in front of Sadarbari, freshly renovated, and its museum of folk arts, as well as in front of the old Hindu merchants'residences at Pan Nagar. Return to Dhaka for shopping at the Bashundhara City Complex and one of the beautiful Aarong shops. Night bus for Khulna.

Day 5 : Khulna and Boat

Day5 : Khulna and Boat

Arrival in Khulna in the early morning. You can take a 3-day cruise in the Sundarbans, a rhythmic with mangrove excursions. The last night, night in Khulna.

Day 6 : Cruise in the Mangrove

As a result of your break in the Sundarbans.

Day 7 : Cruise/Khulna

Night in Khulna to finish your cruise.

Day 8 : Bagerhat, mosque city

Day8 : Bagerhat, mosque city

Take a local bus to Bagerhat, the mosque city. Start with a visit to the 60-dume Mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and then take a walk through the surrounding countryside in search of other 15th century mosques. Finish with a visit to the tomb of Khan Jahan Ali, the same man who had all these mosques built.

Day 9 : Rajshahi, city of silk

Take a Rajshahi bus and take a stopover in Kushtia where the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore resided for a few years. Take advantage of your Rajshahi presence to visit the first open museum in Bangladesh, the Varendra Museum, and stroll through the city in search of the buildings of the British era.

Day 10 : Bogra

Day10 : Bogra

Direction Bogra using local buses. Start with a bus to Puthia, a lovely Hindu village with several temples of Interest, including the beautiful Govinda temple. Take a second bus to Natore, and then a pre-set to the rajbaris, these old bourgeois mansions will take place along ponds. Your visit, take a third bus to Bogra where you will spend the night.

Day 11 : Buddhism

Day11 : Buddhism

Visit the remains of the Mahasthangarh Citadel in the morning, then the former Buddhist monastery of Somapuri Vihara in Paharpur. These ancient ruins are among the most important Buddhist legacies in Bangladesh and date back to the 8th century.

Day 12 : On the road

Day12 : On the road

Transit day for Dinajpur in the north-west of the country.

Day 13 : Multi visit

Day13 : Multi visit

Visit of Dinajpur de and Hindu temples of Durga and Krishna. In the afternoon, take the bus for Kantanagar and visit the temple of Kantaji, the most beautiful Hindu temple in the country, entirely decorated with shaped terracotta plates. In the evening, night train for Dhaka.

Day 14 : Tea plantations

Day14 : Tea plantations

In the morning, take a bus or train for Srimongal and its tea plantations. The softness of the landscapes will be beneficial to you after this long transit. Embark on an electric tibetan to travel through the plantations and pause at Nilkantha Tea Cabin to enjoy a 7-layer tea.

Day 15 : Park of Lowacherra

A visit to Lowacherra National Park is also required. Perhaps you will see some gibbons and you will visit the Kashias who have their village in the park.

Day 16 : Chittagong, on the Indian Ocean

Take a train or bus early in the morning for the second town of the country in the south-east. When arriving, turn to Zia Memorial, a character who played a key role in the country's independence. Then relax in Sadarghat, the old quarter of the city.

Day 17 : Visit of villages

Day17 : Visit of villages

Direction and the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Take advantage of your first day to walk in the different villages and watch the animation in the small ports along the lake. You can go to the Buddhist monastery of Bana Vihara north of Rangamati.

Day 18 : Chutes Falls

Affrétez a boat to take you to the falls of Shuvalon, across the lake, and take a lunch break to the amazing Fondo Ting Ting.

Day 19 : Bandarban

Day19 : Bandarban

Take the bus for Bandarban in the morning. You will reside at Hill Side Resort, which can organise your excursions in the region. In the afternoon, perhaps devoted to the visit of the Golden temple, to that of Bandarban (with a short walk along the Sangu River), and finally to Tiger Hill for sunset.

Day 20 : Hiking

Start with a guide for a day trekking in the hills to meet the different ethnic minorities living in the region.

Day 21 : Last day in Dhaka

Day21 : Last day in Dhaka

Return to Chittagong, then flight or train for Dhaka and return flight.

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