The Great West of Madagascar

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Madagascar leaves no traveller indifferent by offering many different possibilties of meetings and landscapes. Through this tour to the West of Madagascar, you set on the adventure with our experienced guide drivers on a journey you won't be able to forget. This trip offers three distinct parts: the Central Highlands, the North of Morondava with the Baobab Alley and the Tsingy National Park of Bemaraha and the West Coast Lagoon between Morondava and Tulear where the landscapes can be found in many reports TV. These two weeks of travel take you through time, the cultures and environmental sites that allow you to understand how rich Madagascar is. So, welcome to Madagascar.


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Day 1: Antananarivo - Miandrivazo

Day 2: Miandrivazo - Kirindy

Day 3: Kirindy - Bekopaka

Day 4: National Park Tsingy of Bemaraha

Day 5: Bekopaka - Morondava

Day 6: Morondava - Belo sur mer

Day 7: Belo sur mer

Day 8: Belo sur mer - Manja

Day 9: Manja - Andavadoaka

Day 10: Andavadoaka

Day 11: Andavadoaka - Ambatomilo

Day 12: Ambatomilo

Day 13: Ambatomilo - Ifaty

Day 14: Ifaty - Antananarivo

Day 1 : Antananarivo - Miandrivazo

Palais de Rova a Tana. ©Milosk50 -

You leave Antananarivo in the early morning and set off to discover National Highway 7. Some tourist attractions are proposed to you such as the stop in Ambatolampy, where you go to meet blacksmiths working aluminum as in the Middle Ages. You arrive in the town of Miandrivazo in the late afternoon where the impression of returning to African soil is felt. An East-West crossing between mountains and bare hills follows before arriving in the rice plain of the Mahajilo River.

Diner and overnight stays at the hotel.

Day 2 : Miandrivazo - Kirindy

Scene de vie quotidienne a Miandrivazo ©Arnaud BONNEFOY

You leave the Miandrivazo valley, reputed to be the warmest in Madagascar, and meet the Andansonia Grandidieri baobabs. A first pass in the middle of this aisle allows you to take the measure before continuing your journey on this track for 2 hours. Your hotel is located close to the Kirindy Forest and itself bordered by these giants.

Diner and overnight stays at the hotel.

Day 3 : Kirindy - Bekopaka

Au bord de la Manambolo, village de Bekopaka ©Arnaud BONNEFOY

You visit the Kirindy reserve at the beginning of this day to meet the lemurs but especially the fosa ! Then again from the trail towards the Tsiribihina River which you cross by ferry before continuing towards the village of Bekopaka. Along the way, many baobabs at the beginning of the 4x4 road and several crossings of villages. Before arrival, it is the turn of the ferry of the manambolo River to make you cross this one allowing you to reach your hotel.

Diner and overnight stays at the hotel.

Day 4 : National Park Tsingy of Bemaraha

Tsingy de Bemaraha. ©dennisvdwater

01:30 of 4x4 road track is required to reach the Tsingy National Park of Bemaraha. This Earth National Reserve, classified as a World Heritage Site, is a sanctuary for Madagascar's biodiversity.  Many species of flora and fauna are present within the massif. Several touring options are possible: from the 3am ride to the one-day tour, we can adapt to your wishes.  We've quantified the Broadway tour that lasts 6 hours. Return to your hotel at the end.

Diner and overnight stays at the hotel.

Day 5 : Bekopaka - Morondava

Allée des baobabs, Menabe, près de Morondava ©Arnaud BONNEFOY

If you are 70 km from Morondava (about 2 hours’s drive), the Kirindy Forest Reserve is distinguished by its important wealth of flora (medicinal plants, precious wood trees, baobab trees ...) with a high endemicity rate.   It also allows to observe in close and without any danger different types of animal species including the Malagasy "puma" ... Fosa. Here is again a little 4x4 to admire these baobabs in love before joining the baobabs alley and enjoy the sunset on it.

Diner and overnight stays at the hotel.

Day 6 : Morondava - Belo sur mer

Pirogue a balancier sur fond de maree basse a Belo sur mer ©Arnaud BONNEFOY

We propose you to reach Belo sur mer on the sea by the 4x4 road, it allows you to appreciate its beauty and pass not far from Kirindy Mitea Park. The approach of the village is done along the saline, of remarkable beauty. You arrive in Belo sur Mer in the late morning. (Function of your departure time).

Afternoon free.

Diner and overnight stays at the hotel.

Day 7 : Belo sur mer

Magasin colore a Belo sur mer ©Arnaud BONNEFOY

Free day in order to make the most of the surroundings but also to have the opportunity to rest:  activities with the hotel.

Diner and overnight stays at the hotel.

Day 8 : Belo sur mer - Manja

Deux beautes de Madagascar les femmes et les baobabs ! ©Arnaud BONNEFOY

The late low tide seat does not allow you to leave early which requires you to a comfortable stop in Manja.

The arrival in the city of Manja is in the afternoon. Not much to see and do but it is an essential linking stage in this part of the Malagasy West ... far west city impression!

Diner and overnight stays at the local hotel.


Day 9 : Manja - Andavadoaka

Traversee du fleuve Mangoky. ©Laurent BOSCHERO

A day of 4x4 connection on sandy track: crossing the longest river in Madagascar, the Mangoky, which you cross by local "ferry". Then a forest of "bottled baobabs" comes to you before reaching this wonderful lagoon with turquoise waters of the West Coast. Your accommodation, surprising but oh how delightful, will be the end of this day.

Diner and overnight stays at the hotel.

Day 10 : Andavadoaka

Baobab pres d Andavadoaka ©Arnaud BONNEFOY

Day with free activities (activities with the hotel).

Diner and overnight stays at the hotel.

Day 11 : Andavadoaka - Ambatomilo

Sur le lagon d'Ambatomilo ©Arnaud BONNEFOY

You leave Andavadoaka by the track that runs along this wonderful lagoon for several kilometers leaving here and there some fishing villages Vezo continue their daily life. The "Assassins bay" then offers itself to you for a beautiful loop between lagoon and baobab bottles.... Wonderful! It takes 02 hours of track to reach from this point, the small village of Ambatomilo and your ecolodge run by a friendly owner located to the south of it.

Diner and overnight stays at the hotel.

Day 12 : Ambatomilo

Boutre au large du village d Ambatomilo ©Arnaud BONNEFOY

Free activities (see with the hotel: Visit the village, walk on the lagoon in a Vezo sailing canoe, visit the islands, snorkeling...).

Diner and overnight stays at the hotel.

Day 13 : Ambatomilo - Ifaty

Vendeurs sur la plage d'Ifaty ©Arnaud BONNEFOY

One hundred kilometers of sandy track are required to reach the village Mangily but these many crossings of villages, mangroves and along one last time this fabulous lagoon leaves no traveler indifferent.

Diner and overnight stays at the hotel.

Day 14 : Ifaty - Antananarivo

One last half a day of tranquility in Mangily before your domestic flight to Antananarivo.

Welcome to Ivato airport then transfer to your hotel or for the departure international airport.

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