The Korean capital time for a long weekend

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It seems difficult to plan a three-day stay in Seoul, the city has to offer. However, it will be an opportunity to put Korea in your mouth, and why not return to it later.

Day 1: Seoul and its palaces

Day 2: Seoul and its traditional houses

Day 3: Escapades out of Seoul

Day 1 : Seoul and its palaces

Day1 : Seoul and its palaces ©Miguel POIRIER

The first day in Seoul can be devoted to visiting the palaces, a stroll in Bukchon (preferably in the morning), then an evening in the quiet streets of Insadong. These different neighbourhoods are close to each other, and can be fully explored on foot. The art galleries, which are too numerous in these areas, also offer pleasant stops. On the other hand, it is difficult, in a single day, to visit all the palaces of old Seoul, and it is necessary to make choices that are sometimes difficult, as everyone has strong arguments.

Day 2 : Seoul and its traditional houses

Day2 : Seoul and its traditional houses ©neomistyl - iStockphoto.come

The second day will be an opportunity for those who did not have time to see all the palaces to complete the visits. The rest of the day can be spent in the lively Myeongdong district, in traditional houses on the slopes of Mount Namsan, or in the huge markets. In the evening, there are many choices, from the shopping temple in Myeongdong, the very cosmopolitan Itaewon further south, to Hongdae's trendy district, popular with Seoul students.

Day 3 : Escapades out of Seoul

The third day can be devoted to excursions outside the city. Several options are available for day trips, depending on the choices. Lovers of unusual places will visit the DMZ (by booking a prearranged tour), and set foot in North Korea at Panmunjeom. Those who have not been satisfied by Seoul's palaces will go to Suwon, about an hour from the centre of Seoul, or to the many historic sites accessible for a day trip. Finally, in the vicinity of Suwon again, visiting the traditional village can be an excellent option, especially for those who do not have time to visit the rest of Korea.

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