The large areas of Mongolia

Trip description

Mongolia and large areas: this is quite redundant! If a country offers endless steppe or desert landscapes calling for contemplation, it is Mongolia. Here is a circuit that presents you with a selection of the most beautiful natural spaces offered by the country, so as not to miss what Mongolia has to offer.

Day 1: Located in Ulan Bator

Day 2: Excursion to Gorky Terelj National Park

Day 3: Hiking in Gorky Terelj Park

Day 4: Khustain Nuruu National Park

Day 5: Lake Ogiy Nuur

Day 6: Meeting the nomads

Day 7: The Orkhon Valley

Day 8: To the Gobi Desert

Day 9: In the heart of Gobi

Day 10: On the Silk Road

Day 11: Back to the north

Day 12: Back to Ulaanbaatar

Day 1 : Located in Ulan Bator

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Take this first day for a full tour of the Mongolian capital. National Museum and Museum of Fine Arts, then Bogdo Khan Palace and finally Zaisan Hill. In the evening, a stroll in Genghis Khan Square.

Day 2 : Excursion to Gorky Terelj National Park

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Located just 40 kilometres from the capital, this park will offer you an attractive first contact with Mongolian nature. Multiform rocks where locals believe they can distinguish silhouettes, infinite steppe, dense vegetation... The best solution is to discover it on horseback or on foot and bivouac there for a first night under the stars.

Day 3 : Hiking in Gorky Terelj Park

A full day of hiking along the river and along the steppes of the reserve. On the program: contemplation, observation of birds and other animals, search for evocative shapes in the rocks, etc. A new night under the yurt and you will be totally immersed in the nomads' homes!

Day 4 : Khustain Nuruu National Park


The road slopes westward to cross Khustain Nuruuu Reserve where you can see Prjzewalski's horses, about 100 km from Ulaanbaatar. These little horses, which we are used to seeing drawn on the walls of prehistoric caves, not exceeding 1.20 m and with drupe hair, have been saved from extinction and reintroduced into their natural environment. New camp under the yurt.

Day 5 : Lake Ogiy Nuur

A long day on the trail to reach this lake where, for a change, you will sleep under the yurt in an enchanting setting. Program according to your desires: boat trip if you feel like a freshwater sailor, or a stroll along the shores. With a little luck, you'll pass by when the pelicans migrate, which are very numerous every year on the banks

Day 6 : Meeting the nomads

Another long day on the trail to the Orkhon Valley where you will meet the nomadic populations, especially in summer. The whole valley has been classified by UNESCO. Land at the end of the day to recover from the journey.

Day 7 : The Orkhon Valley

Hiking day along the valley. No major difficulty in this trek mainly dedicated to meeting and observing the beautiful landscapes. The path leads to the Cascade waterfall and the water where you can try a little swim. New night in the valley under the yurt.

Day 8 : To the Gobi Desert


The landscapes change as the circuit sinks southward, and you will soon make your first turns in the desert. Push up to the ochre-coloured cliffs of Bayanzag and follow the trail of dinosaurs, many of whose fossils have been discovered in this area.

Day 9 : In the heart of Gobi

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Discovery of Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, one of the country's largest parks. It offers landscapes of a wide variety. The Yolyn Am gorge offers beautiful walks along the river or on the surrounding mountain ridges. More to the west are the large sand dunes of the country, the Els Sand, behind which a large mountain chain is cut.

Day 10 : On the Silk Road

Long hiking along the river through the canyons of Dungenee and Yol. Here again no major sporting difficulties, but natural wealth worthy of the most beautiful postcards!

Day 11 : Back to the north

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It is impossible to go further south, so it is time to start the return journey. Stop at Baga Gazriin Chuluuu, for its incredible rock formations where you can walk for a few hours.

Day 12 : Back to Ulaanbaatar

Last day of road to return to the capital where you can rest and make your last shopping. Take off and flight late in the day.

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