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Why leave to Denmark - Copenhagen ?

A good number of preconceived ideas still persist when we talk about the Scandinavian countries, and in particular the legendary coldness of a people living at the rhythm of endless winters.... And yet! Neither the mood nor the climate of Copenhagen can be associated with such a cliché. If the climate is temperate, the Danish temperament can sometimes be fiery despite its apparent coldness.

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Preparing for your trip to Denmark - Copenhagen

Hospitality :

You can walk around the Danish capital (as in the rest of the country) in complete peace and, above all, in complete safety, without fear of being quoted or harassed, which does not imply indifference! Proud of their identity, the Danes make it a point of honour to welcome tourists, especially since they are somewhat flattered by their visit to this country that is still too little known. They will therefore endeavour to facilitate the stay of foreigners. The French are particularly well received in Denmark, and for good reason... the Danes are fine gastronomes and lovers of good wine! However, to our great regret, these remarks must be moderate because it must be noted on the spot that this hospitality is not equally distributed to all foreigners and that some people, because of their nationality or skin colour, may have more difficulty integrating into the country...

Everything is designed to improve everyday life

Everything here is designed to make the user's life easier, whether he or she is handicapped, loaded with luggage or simply tired, and this immediately strikes the southern traveller, who is not used to such attention: no dissuasive gantries to access the platforms of the metro or train, wheelchairs in museums, elevators or escalators everywhere, etc. Hotel structures are being developed (there are more than 130 hotels in Copenhagen!) and upgraded, and the service remains commensurate with the services offered.

Easy to use transport

Travel is made easier by a modern road infrastructure (motorways are free), and public transport is as reliable as it is varied (and very easy to use): you can go anywhere, and this is all the easier with the Copenhagen Card (CPH Card) which allows you to use the Greater Copenhagen network - train, bus, tram - without unbinding purse... at least once you have it in your pocket.

A destination for the whole family to discover

Like Denmark, Copenhagen is an ideal destination for a family holiday: many cultural sites have specially designed facilities for children. Most cafés and restaurants offer "children's" menus (not to mention high chairs or changing tables); amusement parks and many green spaces also offer the opportunity to share pleasant and peaceful moments with the family.... Not to mention that many leisure activities and activities are dedicated to the youngest (museums, amusement parks, aquariums).