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Travel to French Polynesia

#A warm welcome Polynesia remains synonymous with a people with a frank smile and legendary hospitality. It all starts when the traveller arrives at the airport. Expected, he will be offered a magnificent necklace of Tahitian tiare flowers or hibiscus, with majestic scents, under the soft sound of the guitar and the ukulele. With the words "Ia Orana", "Maeva" and "Manava", the Polynesians will greet him and welcome him. On his departure, he will be given a shell necklace to thank him for his visit and wish him an excellent trip.
A very rich craft industry :

Few travellers return empty-handed from Polynesia. As a souvenir, a craft object purchased on one of the islands or atolls visited. In the Marquesas, they will be able to visit tiki sculptors, human representations of deities carved in wood, stone, or other materials. Their proportions symbolize power, abundance and kindness. On the Society Islands, many craft huts offer necklaces, tapas, pandanus braided objects, such as bags and hats, or tifaifai.
pirogue sur un lagon en Polynésie française

A paradisiacal nature

Mother Nature has been rich and generous in French Polynesia. Each island, each archipelago is different from all the others. In the Society's archipelago, Tahiti is characterized above all by its majestic valleys and its peninsula sheltering the cliffs of Pari. Huahine will be remembered for its wilderness aspect (ideal for trekking), while Bora Bora will attract more attention with the splendid colours of its lagoon. The atolls, such as in Tuamotu, Austral and/or Marquesas, reveal a completely different aspect of Polynesia. Every trip to this remote part of the Pacific is always different.
île de Moorea en Polynésie française

The famous Tahitian pearl

The lagoons of French Polynesia are, for the most part, the kingdom of the cultured pearl, especially in Tuamotu and Gambier. The Tahitian pearls are made from concretions of black-lipped oysters, the Pinctada margaritifera. The pearl mother-of-pearl from French Polynesia is unique, and takes a multitude of natural shades, from an iridescent green to a pink or lunar grey color thanks to the particularly healthy environment composed of lagoons. Tahitian pearls can take on various shapes and colours. Round, pear-shaped or oval, they constitute a part of Polynesia's treasure, highly prized by the ladies.

A romantic destination

A paradise for honeymoons, French Polynesia is a romantic place on the edge of the lagoon. Breakfast brought by pirogue to the terrace of your bungalow (on stilts, of course), typical lunch on a paradisiacal beach during a snorkeling excursion, relaxation of the senses and well-being in a spa, catamaran cruise at sunset, a glass of champagne in hand, folk evenings with a seafood buffet... without forgetting the traditional Polynesian wedding, one of the most picturesque! There are plenty of opportunities to talk about love...

A paradise for diving and water sports

The turquoise waters of the lagoons are particularly suitable for scuba diving, as the fauna is very rich. White or black tip sharks, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, barracudas, butterfly fish, dolphins and whales, all these animals allow unforgettable encounters in a beautiful environment. Many coral gardens, accessible to both beginners and experienced divers, are waiting for you to reveal their extravagant colours. The Polynesian biotope has very few rivals elsewhere in the world. In addition, Polynesia offers a wide range of water sports: sailing yacht, catamaran, pirogue, parachute, underwater walking, snorkeling, jet skiing, water skiing, surfing...

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