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Travel to Ireland

#A wild nature When you think of Ireland, you can imagine green and wild landscapes swept away by wind and rain, spectacular cliffs, the sea as far as the eye can see, lakes, mountains, in short pure nature... All this is true: the magnificent Irish landscapes do not disappoint and are an ideal setting for beautiful walks or bike rides. Ireland has many national parks and, for a small country, the diversity of its landscapes is quite astonishing. You'll inflate your lungs with fresh air!
A thousand-year history :

It should be noted that Ireland has been inhabited since about 6,000 BC. The Stone Age sites, sown all over the island, are the most important in the world. Ireland's history is fascinating, rich and always present. Wherever you are, you will find traces of this rich past: prehistoric sites, Celtic ruins, medieval abbeys, castles, etc. There are so many that one trip is not enough to discover the country's history. If history is a passion, the remains surprise by their quantity, but especially by their conservation. Still intact, the monuments revive Irish millennial history.

A warm people

At the risk of repeating what may seem like a cliché but yet so true, the hospitality of the local population really makes the difference and will guarantee you a most pleasant stay. You will always find someone to offer to help you, advise you on your itinerary or just start a conversation. The Irish love their country and want to make visitors love it. And they succeed in doing so....

The ads

Sitting in the bar, ordering a Guinness in an intimate atmosphere, with a traditional group playing in the room... Irish pubs have this little something extra: this little difference in the relationship between customers, this background music that covers the noise of mugs hitting each other as soon as one of them fills up, all in a particularly warm atmosphere... The pub is here more than a bar; it is a pillar of social life.

A family destination

If Ireland is a destination that will appeal to all travellers, it will be particularly suitable for families. The Irish attach great importance to family ties and, not so long ago, it was common to see couples with more than 10 children. No wonder, then, that children are not forgotten in this country. You will find many tours adapted to them, playgrounds, discounts on attractions, children's bike rentals...

Long-lasting traditions

Among Irish traditions, St. Patrick's Day and Halloween are well known and are exported across borders. But also Irish music and dance: singing and dancing are practiced in all regions. In this country of myths and legends, tradition is still transmitted orally today. Filled with elves, fairies, witches, ghosts, giants and other legendary characters, the stories are heroic and captivating. In many places, especially on small islands, you will be immersed in a world where time seems to have stopped. A world where ancestral customs and the Irish language are still very much alive. The tradition also continues in and through the Irish language that everyone learns in school. The word Gaeltacht thus refers to regions where Gaelic is the first language spoken in the home. Ireland is a land of living customs and traditions.

Superb Northern Ireland

Nor can the growing tourist appeal of Northern Ireland be overlooked. After a violent political history, this United Kingdom nation has recently turned towards peace and cohabitation agreements, and some cities, such as Derry or Belfast, are experiencing a real renaissance. The Antrim coast, north of Belfast, is one of the most beautiful roads in Ireland, Giant's Causeway a geological wonder, and Armagh, Ireland's spiritual capital for 1,500 years, is worth a visit.
Practical guide for you trip to Ireland
Practical guide for you trip to Ireland

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