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Why leave to Kosovo ?

Welcome to Kosovo! Welcome to the discovery of this very small country, nestled on the borders of the majestic mountain ranges of Central Europe. As an invitation to travel and discovery for lovers of virgin and unexplored lands at the gates of Europe, this country, little known but full of History, offers yet to the curiosity of the visitor, beautiful surprises in many ways.

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Preparing for your trip to Kosovo

What strikes you when you set foot for the first time in Kosovo is the omnipresence of mountains and varied natural areas. And the country is not mistaken. It's no coincidence that tourism is only in its infancy, if already 10% of the territory has been classified as a national nature park, in addition to a large number of regional nature parks and protected areas. Kosovo thus offers lovers of wide open spaces and green tourism an extraordinary playground.

Who says natural space, also says fauna and flora. Kosovo is home to a large number of wild animal species including bears, wolves, lynx and eagles, as well as many mountain plants such as edelweiss, pine and mountain tea.

To limit oneself to the Nature aspect to describe Kosovo would be very simplistic. For history has also shaped the country. Strategically located at the confluence of trade routes since the remotest times and benefiting from a rich subsoil, Kosovo has been subject to numerous invasions and occupations over the centuries. These have left their mark on the country's built and cultural heritage.

Kosovo is thus the case of archaeological sites, medieval fortresses, many Orthodox monasteries and a large number of buildings dating from the Ottoman period such as mosques, hammams, bazaars and other traditional houses!

Finally, it would be incomplete to evoke Kosovo without mentioning the unparalleled hospitality of its inhabitants. This sense of hospitality, drawing its sources from centuries-old customs, is a true art of living. And it is very frequent to be invited to share a coffee, a rakia or even a meal... which one cannot refuse without risking offending one's hosts!

Traveller, Kosovo offers itself to you, if you take the trouble to venture there. Let yourself be carried away by the charms of this small and endearing country.