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Although its surface is relatively small (less than 120,000 km²), the Malawian territory is a patchwork shaped by geology, climate and people.

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Preparing for your trip to Malawi

From the heat of the Lower Shire Valley to the coolness of the southern highlands (Zomba, Mulanje massif) and the northern highlands (Nyika, Viphya), a vast chromatic palette adorns the country: the golden sand of the coves of Lake Malawi, the ochre and brown soil of the forested areas, the viridity of the tea plantations and the forests... The highlands (between 1,500 and 3,000 meters above sea level) are refreshing and suitable for sporting activities (hiking, mountain biking, etc.). They are home to waterfalls and pools, conifer plantations, rocky outcrops and chaos, as well as remarkable local flora and fauna. Don't miss the orchid bloom on the Nyika Plateau at the beginning of the rainy season! The plains, with numerous variations depending on the altitude, latitude and nature of the soil, are speckled with small plots dedicated to food agriculture and large landed properties where sugar cane, rubber, tea or pine trees grow. Coffee plantations (around Mzuzu) and green tobacco leaves also decorate the countryside.