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Why leave to Panama ?

Unlike its Central American neighbours, Panama is protected from major natural disasters (hurricanes or earthquakes). The vagaries of the weather are limited to very heavy precipitation in winter (our summer). In the islands, the weather changes rapidly: the sea turns bluish black and the sky is charged with electricity. The atmosphere is heavy and the landscape seems almost supernatural. On the land, the vegetation is more luxuriant and its colours more vivid. But the rain never lasts long, it comes and goes, interrupts a walk, then leaves the sun again!

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Preparing for your trip to Panama

A generous nature :

A true biological bridge between North and South America, the country has one of the richest concentrations of animal and plant species in the world, with an exceptional level of endemism in some regions. In addition to the birds, insects and terrestrial mammals that can be observed on land, Panama's warm and crystal clear waters are the refuge of an incredible marine fauna, which is the delight of fishing and diving enthusiasts. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, from tropical rainforest to coral archipelagos, the country is a huge garden! Some of its jewels already enjoy a high profile with several natural sites inscribed on the World Heritage List.
San Blas Islands, Panama ©

A mosaic of faces and cultures

Panama brings together an incredible diversity of interbreeding, born of the country's position between two oceans, in the heart of the Americas. Latinos, Europeans, Africans and Asians rub shoulders with no less than seven Amerindian groups, which still stand out today for their lifestyles and traditions. A thousand and one faces you will get to know! What do they have in common? Kindness, a certain carelessness and relaxation, and a generalized joie de vivre!
Kuna Yala, Panama ©

A land of adventure

Despite its small size, you will find that many areas still seem unexplored. From the jungle of the Darién, through the central mountain range or through the hundreds of islands off the isthmus, it is easy to get off the beaten track. Feel free to contact the local guides as Panama can be explored in a thousand different ways: walk in the tropical forest in search of the quetzal or the harpy eagle, hike in the highlands of Chiriquí or Veraguas, explore the rivers by pirogue in the middle of crocodiles, fantastic crossings at nightfall in the archipelagos... And the adventure can even begin as soon as you arrive, in the urban jungle of Panama, aboard a rojo diablo riding at high speed!

The sweetness of life

People often come here by chance to leave with the feeling of having experienced a unique adventure. The colourful landscapes and tropical climate are no strangers to this. But Panama has many other advantages, attracting more and more foreigners wishing to set up a business or retire there. Among the benefits dear to new residents are security and political stability, modern infrastructure, a strong and growing economy, the use of the dollar as a common currency, tax benefits in a mess, and the English language level of Panamanians.