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Why leave to Philippines ?

It is within reach. A short bus or Jeepney ride, and it's already an adventure. Backpack and camera ready to be triggered, the adventurer can meet her at any time in the Philippines, whether exploring caves where coffins are laid, climbing volcanoes or getting lost in the rice terraces. In addition, in the Philippines, we have the opportunity to practice every sport possible and imaginable. Apart from diving, a multitude of activities such as fishing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, climbing, caving, walking, horseback riding or golf are available to visitors.

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Preparing for your trip to Philippines

A tropical climate :

The Philippines has a hot and humid climate to which you can quickly get used. The weather is idyllic all year round. And although the wet season brings heavy rains to the country from May to November, you can plan your itinerary by choosing the parts of the country that are most spared. In addition, temperatures rarely fall below 25°C. It is therefore very pleasant to enjoy good weather when Europeans protect themselves from the harsh winter.
El nido Phillipines

Varied and paradisiacal islands

The country has more than 7,000 heavenly islands that are a delight for travellers. Robinson wishing to isolate himself from the rest of the world can find an uninhabited confetti to pitch his tent in; seaside resort lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to placing their backpacks on a lively beach; divers looking for coral reefs are in paradise... Few countries can boast of offering such a wide variety of islands to their visitors, each with its own character and worth a visit.
Chocolate Hills aux Philippines

A warm and welcoming people

Filipinos, although they have a strong cultural identity, have seen it diluted by the contact with American culture that now permeates society. The first important consequence for the traveller is that the majority of Filipinos speak perfect English, which greatly facilitates communication and allows for exchanges with people who are very curious about each other and open to foreign cultures. Hospitality is an integral part of Filipino savoir vivre. The inhabitants are always delighted to be able to inform the lost traveller, give him information about their city or region. Always smiling despite the hardships, Filipinos share their joy of life with the traveller. They like to party, sing and dance despite an often difficult daily life.

An inexhaustible supply of natural resources

The Philippines offers a great diversity of landscapes. White sand beaches are found alongside black sand beaches, while inland volcanoes provide hot springs or caves, most of which are still unexplored. Karst peaks spring from the emerald waters of Palawan. The primary forests are home to a wide variety of fauna and flora with several endemic species such as the tarsier, a tiny primate...

The discovery of native tribes

There are many of them in the Philippines. Their way of life has not changed for centuries; they still live in small houses on stilts and feed themselves through hunting, fishing and agriculture. Some of these tribes produce high quality crafts.