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Travel to Romania

#A welcoming land A crossroads between the Slavic and Balkan worlds, Romania, this "island of latinity", is now part of the European Union. Only two and a half hours flight from Paris, the change of scenery is guaranteed. In a country in transition, you will see that traditions of hospitality are still alive and well. The diversity of its architecture or the generosity of its cuisine to the rhythm of breathtaking music: everything is gathered here to enjoy a pleasant stay.
Points of interest of great diversity :

The medieval cities of Transylvania. Bra?ov, Sibiu or Sighi?oara, whose medieval city centres are extremely well preserved, colourful and lively.The monasteries of Bucovina. Around Suceava, in the north of Moldova, you will discover, in the middle of beautiful landscapes, 16th century monasteries whose exterior walls are covered with colourful frescos.Maramure?, in the north of the country, for its villages with preserved folklore, its wooden churches, the "joyful cemetery" of S?pân?a.The Danube Delta. Where the race of this great European river ends, people have managed to preserve an unspoilt nature and maintain a close relationship with an aquatic environment. Canals, marshes, reeds as far as the eye can see, dunes, tropical forests, fishing villages, varied fauna, that's what the delta has to offer.Bucharest. A capital whose charm does not appear at first sight. But everyone agrees that this city is unlike any other, with its avenues that evoke the Paris of the 1920s, its civic district that testifies to the megalomania of Ceau?escu, its gigantic parks and its large beautiful forgotten mansions.The coastline, very popular in summer thanks to an ideal climate and a water temperature of around 28 degrees.
Chateau de Bran, Résidence de Dracula selon les légendes

A country for all

Whether you are contemplative, sporty, history buff, passionate about ornithology, experienced hiker, photographer, lover of wide open spaces, any type of activity is possible here.It is a safe, cheap country with reliable transport. Romanian is a Latin language that you will easily understand (in writing).As the country is a Francophile, you will very often find interlocutors, especially among the elderly, who will speak to you in French, which is a privilege in Eastern Europe.This country, within everyone's reach, will allow you to find luxurious establishments (in Bucharest, on the coast and in the big cities), mid-range hotels in all cities, as well as countless village pensions, often of the most picturesque. While hotels can be very popular in large cities, we strongly recommend that you choose board and lodging as soon as you leave urban centres, a must to discover everyday life, rural traditions and local cuisine.Then, food and transport (train, bus) are very cheap. However, journeys can sometimes take a lot, a lot, a lot of time and you can lose a lot of time. Renting a vehicle is obviously the ideal solution to reach remote areas. Choose local agencies that offer better rates and services.On site, you can also contact local tourist agencies to find a pension or organise an excursion according to your wishes.
Ville de Constanta- bord de la mer noire

A still confidential destination

Romania is still one of the few European countries visited. Even if tourism activity is booming, we are still very far from mass tourism. You will therefore rarely find yourself drowned in a flood of holidaymakers, except on the coast in the middle of summer, when all Romanians go there.Rural tourism, the country's number one asset, is developing rapidly and has been attracting German, Hungarian and Austrian visitors for years. Francophones are still relatively few in number.Individual tourism is in its infancy and that is its main interest. By travelling individually, you will easily mingle with the local population and discover the extraordinary hospitality that characterizes the inhabitants of rural Romania.

An unspoilt nature

More and more tourists are coming to Romania for its natural beauty. The unspoilt forests of the mountains, the expanse of wildflowers, the meeting of water and land in the delta are probably the best that Romania has to offer.These lands with their breathtaking landscapes are ideal for hiking. In the nature reserves of the Romanian mountains, there are many signposted tours for tourists. Whether in the mountains or in the Danube Delta, the wilderness is also ideal for adventure sports.

Assets in all seasons

In summer, it is hot, even very hot, and Romanians congregate on the coast. The countryside is beautiful, the possibilities of multiple mountain hikes. You can walk from village to village, from rustic boarding house to charming villa, from folk festival to sumptuous monastery.Autumn and spring are the ideal seasons to visit the most beautiful cities: Sibiu, Cluj, Timi?oara, Bra?ov, Sighi?oara Bucharest, suffocating in summer, is pleasant in mid-season.Winter, often harsh, can make travel difficult, especially in rural areas. It's time to hurtle down the few slopes of the winter sports resorts that are increasingly popular with Aboriginal people.
Practical guide for you trip to Romania
Practical guide for you trip to Romania

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