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Travel to Tunisia

#A change of scenery guaranteed two hours from Paris Images of the East never cease to inhabit our dreams and our imagination. In Tunisia, these clichés are becoming a reality.From the small remote shop and its colourful display, to the lively souks where it is nice to visit égarer ; from donkeys nonchalantly carrying an entire family, to camels waddling on sand dunes infinies ; from palm trees fighting over the sky, to waves constantly searching for the land... So many colours, sensations and smells we never get tired of.When the sky is too grey, the city too noisy, the worries too present, you must quickly take a ticket to Tunisia, smell the jasmine, pack your bags and finally walk on the sand, dive into a translucent sea and lie on the beach.
Holidays for all, all year round :

Going on holiday with little money in Tunisia is possible. Airline tickets are not excessive and living there is three times cheaper than in France. In Tunisia, palm trees and white sandy beaches stretch out their arms, they even seem to call us...Cultural, sports, seaside, Saharan, wellness and even business tourism... Tunisia and its range of activities, landscapes and sites satisfy all desires. The Great South calls on the adventurer, from the most shy to the most passionate, to ride his dunes on camels. The beaches of Djerba, Sousse or Hammamet invite without further delay the followers of idleness. The medinas of Tunis, Kairouan, or Monastir, the ancient sites of El Jem, Chemtou or Dougga, are revealed to lovers of history, culture and old stones.Thalasso, balneotherapy, Spa and other rejuvenation treatments offer more and more possibilities to travellers in search of relaxation; depending on whether you just want to restore a body tired by a year's work, or more seriously find a treatment adapted to more uncomfortable health problems, you will always find the right therapy. Internationally recognized for the quality of its care and infrastructure, and for its still affordable prices, Tunisia is one of the most attractive destinations in the world in this respect.

Cultural wealth

Tunisia bears the mark of a rich, powerful and eventful past. There are vestiges of these brilliant civilizations all over the country: Berbers, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs... The archaeological heritage of Tunisia is particularly remarkable and research continues to reveal, even today, new buried secrets. Lovers of old stones, history and museums will be delighted. Contemporary culture also has a say, with a myriad of festivals scheduled from April, mainly in the summer and until December. Music, folk art, tradition, theatre, cinema, heritage, sport, etc.; Tunisia, generous, offers something for every taste.

Variety of landscapes

Tunisia, five times smaller than France, offers the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional variety of landscapes and sites in a very short time. Barely 500 km separate the wild beauty of the north of the country from the peninsula of Cape Bon, drawn from steep coves and isolated beaches, to the immensity of the dune that is looming in Ksar Ghilane. Berber villages, ancient sites, port cities, mountains and oases, Tunisia is a land of contrasts that we never tire of travelling through with its quality road network.

Charming accommodation

From Tunis to Nefta and Djerba, more and more establishments of this type are flourishing. Tunisian habitats (palaces, menzels, houch, etc.) are restored and furnished with taste and refinement for the pleasure of lovers of charm, personalized service and delicacy. Tunisia, long caricatured as a "all-inclusive" destination, is opening up to another type of tourism and is now showing you a different face, much more charming and authentic.

Practical guide for you trip to Tunisia
Practical guide for you trip to Tunisia

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