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Why leave to United States - Alaska ?

The past and present of the 49th American state are closely linked. It was occupied for centuries by the Indians, discovered and colonized by the Russians, exposed to massacres, then bought back in 1867 by the Americans who threw themselves into the gold rush! This is a very brief summary of the history of the State. And yet it is this chaotic past that can be found behind every wall, every street name or museum display. Alaska has a unique and engaging profile where nature is omnipresent and where human presence is strongly rooted in the past and tradition.

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Preparing for your trip to United States - Alaska

A diverse population :

A country's population reflects its history. Here in Alaska, it reflects different waves of immigration. The oldest inhabitants, the Eskimos and Indians, try to maintain their traditions, languages and customs by all means. The Russians, always present through their descendants, maintain the durability of their language in some communities. Many Orthodox churches are there to remind us of the arrival of their ancestors in the 19th century. The native Americans arrived with the gold rush. Today, Alaska remains very open to newcomers; Asian colonies are growing in importance. This diverse population lives in perfect harmony today!

An exceptional environment

What strikes me when I arrive in this state three times the size of France is the power of the environment. Mountains of eternal snow, forests as far as the eye can see, glaciers by the hundreds and rivers whose waters are perfectly pure make the "great land" a preserved place that fascinates, enchants and dazzles those who cross it. This exceptional environment is home to many national parks, nature reserves and other places that allow visitors to appreciate the diversity of natural environments.

A unique fauna

Alaska is considered one of the last animal sanctuaries on the planet, although only a small number of species have been able to adapt to the harsh climate. This animal presence occurs at any time when a bear crosses your path or a moose does not bother to cross over pedestrian crossings in the heart of downtown Anchorage. The liquid element also shelters a unique fauna with whales, killer whales, seals, otters and of course salmon. Salmon whose main species is called king (king), because he is indeed the king of Alaska since he makes the animals and men of this region from the end of the world live.

Mutual assistance

Such a natural environment does not forgive mistakes. Alaskans are always on the lookout and show unfailing solidarity. If they see people who seem to be in trouble, they run to make sure everything is fine. It is very tangible and gives an incredible feeling of security, even off the beaten track (if they exist here!).

But the least: "money is money"!

Alaska is an expensive destination, very expensive. The ticket to this preserved nature, this remarkable fauna and these men with hearts as big as this is high. Why? Why? We have turned our backs on nature, renounced its maintenance and paradoxically we are ready to spend crazy sums of money to go and rub shoulders with this strong, indomitable wild fauna. The Alaskans have fully understood this and want to make the most of the profits of these charming tourists. In exchange, they offer them a real welcome and quality services. The wallet empties, but the eyes fill up...with unforgettable images...

When to go to Alaska ? The best time, activities, seasons, climate, temperatures, weather

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