Calm and serenity in Bali

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Au cœur de Bali, dans la région spirituelle d'Ubud, vous profitez d'une retraite de yoga de 8 jours, avant de terminer votre voyage sur une plage à l'est de l'île.

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11 days

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Day 1: Arrival in Bali

Day 2: Second day of retreat in Ubud

Day 3: A traditional Ubud village

Day 4: Meditation in Ubud

Day 5: Ubud at large

Day 6: Quiet walk in Ubud

Day 7: Relaxing treatments in Ubud

Day 8: From Ubud to Gianyar

Day 9: From Gianyar to Candidasa

Day 10: Relaxing day in Candidasa

Day 11: Last day in Bali

Day 1 : Arrival in Bali

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Welcome to Bali, you are chauffeur welcomes you to Denpasar Airport and you drive directly to your hotel, in Ubud region, artistic and cultural capital of Balinese life. You settle down quietly and enjoy the pool to relax after these hours of flight.

Day 2 : Second day of retreat in Ubud

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Before your breakfast, you start the Diary Of A session of Kundalini yoga, also called yoga of awakening and consciousness . Enuite you meet a traditional Balinese tutor, or Balian , whose But and connect the body and mind to strike a balance between the two.

Day 3 : A traditional Ubud village

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You will enjoy a new morning yoga session, before leaving you will see a traditional village in the Ubud region. You walk through the village and reconsider the locals before a new yoga session, in a center renowned for its spirituality, which is also a true Balinese place of worship.

Day 4 : Meditation in Ubud

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After your daily morning yoga session, you enjoy a special facial treatment, a real breath of oxygen for the skin. Then take a dip in the pool before promising yourself in the vibrant and poetic streets of Ubud, before a meditation session that allows you to sleep well.

Day 5 : Ubud at large

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C'est vous qui faites votre programme aujourd'hui! Découvrez les alentours d'Ubud, à pied ou en voiture, entre rizières en terrasses, jungle luxuriante et temples centenaires. Vous pourrez également déguster de bons plats locaux en vous initiant à la cuisine balinaise ou simplement en vous prélassant au bord de l'eau.

Day 6 : Quiet walk in Ubud

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Na uw yogasessie begint u aan een wandeltocht door het Balinese platteland, begiftigd met uitbundige en prachtige natuur. Daarna keert u terug naar het hotel voor nog een yogasessie die u bevrijdt van uw interne spanningen, voordat u volledig ontspant in de spa, tussen massage en behandelingen.

Day 7 : Relaxing treatments in Ubud

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After the yoga session and breakfast, you will benefit from the pool to do therapy for another afternoon relaxation session: you will enjoy a privileged massage before starting a bath session.

Day 8 : From Ubud to Gianyar

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Your yoga retreat is over today, you will part with your driver you see a typical small village of Bali. You are in Balinese hotels, you are warmly welcome in their home and as they are French speaking it is quite natural that you share and discuss before preparing dinner.

Day 9 : From Gianyar to Candidasa

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In the morning you follow voting for the local march to show the classes for the noon magazines. After a good lunch and a traditional dance show organized by a host family, you join your driver who takes you to Candidasa, a small seaside town in the east of the island.

Day 10 : Relaxing day in Candidasa

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Today, you sometimes have a free shake to do with you. The beaches of Candidasa invite relaxation and idleness so that the temples and the surrounding nature reveal curiosity. You can also enjoy a last Balinese massage before enjoying an excellent dinner.

Day 11 : Last day in Bali

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This Is Your Last Day in Bali, after more than 10 days of relaxation, relaxation, but also discovery and meeting. It is rejuvenated and landscape that you arrive at Denpasar Airport. You say goodbye to your driver and Indonesia, before boarding the plane. Welcome back!

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