Discovery of Colombian roots - 21 days

Trip description

This full 3-week stay will take you to places that are still not often visited by tourists. In the south of the country, you will discover the Colombian Amazon and its luxuriant jungle and then head north to discover the magnificent Guajira Desert.

Without forgetting the essentials, this trip allows you to discover a large part of Colombia, its culture and its communities.

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21 days

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Day 1: Arrival in Bogotá

Day 2: Discovery of Bogotá

Day 3: Direction Leticia, Amazonia

Day 4: Excursion to Mocagua, craft workshop and Maikuchiga Foundation

Day 5: Day trip to San Martin de Amacayacu

Day 6: Day trip to Puerto Narino and Tarapoto lakes

Day 7: Direction Salento, coffee region

Day 8: Excursion to the Cocora Valley

Day 9: Direction Medellín, city of eternal springtime

Day 10: Discovery of Medellín

Day 11: Excursion to Guatapé

Day 12: Santa Fé de Antioquia and its colonial architecture

Day 13: Direction Cartagena de Indias

Day 14: Discovery of Cartagena

Day 15: Direction Santa Marta

Day 16: Excursion to Tayrona Park

Day 17: On the way to La Guajira: Manaure and Cabo de la Vela

Day 18: Dunes of Taroa and Punta Gallinas

Day 19: Bahia Hondita, its mangroves and pink flamingos

Day 20: Direction Santa Marta

Day 21: Departure for Bogotá and international connection

Day 1 : Arrival in Bogotá

La Candelaria ©Nicolas LHULLIER

A French-speaking assistant will meet you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel in a private vehicle. You settle in and rest before starting your trip the next day.

Welcome to Bogotá, a multicultural and dynamic capital in the heart of the Andes, at an altitude of 2,600m!

Dinner is free.

Day 2 : Discovery of Bogotá

Le centre historique de Bogotá. ©DC_Colombia - iStockphoto

Breakfast at the hotel.

This morning you take part in a bike tour and discover the historic district of La Candelaria and the street art that colours the streets of the Colombian capital.

Lunch is free.

In the afternoon you can take advantage of your free time to visit the historic centre of Bogotá.

Suggestions: Cerro Monserrate, located at an altitude of 3,150m. The panoramic view of the valley and the city is unique. You can also go to Plaza Bolivar where you will find the National Capitol, the Palace of Justice, the City Hall of Bogotá, the Primada Cathedral, the Chapel of the Sagrario and the Archbishop's Palace. The Botero Foundation (closed on Tuesdays) and the Gold Museum (closed on Mondays) are also a must. 

Dinner is free.

Day 3 : Direction Leticia, Amazonia

Leticia. ©Michel Redondo -

Breakfast at the hotel.

Flight to Leticia. You leave for 5 days in the Colombian Amazon to meet the communities.

Visit the ethnographic museum, where you can appreciate the different cultures of the Amazon and their relationship with nature. After this, you will visit the Santander park where you can observe many parrots. The best time to go is around 5pm, at nightfall. Get ready for a show you won't soon forget!

Free lunch and dinner included.

Day 4 : Excursion to Mocagua, craft workshop and Maikuchiga Foundation

Pont au-dessus du Río Mocoa. ©Nicolas Lhullier

Breakfast included. 

You walk to take a shared boat to the community, about 1.5 hours along the Amazonas River. You will stay in a hostel set up by the indigenous community. You walk through the community and can enjoy Amazonian paintings in the indigenous houses.

You have lunch in Mocagua with indigenous families, typical lunch. In the afternoon, you visit the "Monkey" Churuco Miquendo project, by the Maikuchiga Foundation, which is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of this species of primates.

Back in the village, you will participate in a handicraft workshop.

 Dinner and overnight stay in the Mocagua Community.

Day 5 : Day trip to San Martin de Amacayacu

Coucher de soleil sur l'Amazone. ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Breakfast included.

Departure by boat to the community of San Martin de Amacayacu, welcomed by an elder, representing the Moruapow group, who will tell you about the Tikuna ethnic group. Settling in Casa Gregorio or Maloca.

Lunch included. 

You will visit the nursery, the "pharmacy" and Maloca where the natives will talk to us about the medicinal properties of the plants and their uses. You will be shown how to prepare a natural remedy based on essential oil if you wish.

In the Maloca, we participate in a workshop with the elders of the community: ceramics and Tikuna language, dances and songs. 

Day 6 : Day trip to Puerto Narino and Tarapoto lakes

La rivière Cano Cristales. ©Jose carlos Zapata flores

Breakfast included.

Departure to Puerto Nariño by boat. You inastalize yourself at the hotel. You visit the Natutama Foundation where you will be able to appreciate important aspects of the Amazon River fauna (dolphins, manatees, turtles, fish, etc.).

Lunch included.

Afterwards, you will discover the lakes of Tarapoto and enjoy the scenery. Return to the village and free time. In the evening, you will take part in a cultural exchange with the elders (or "abuelas") who will tell us aspects of their traditions, myths and legends.

 Dinner included and night at the hotel.

Day 7 : Direction Salento, coffee region

Jeep Willys pour monter à la Vallée de Cocora. ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Breakfast included. 

Flight to Pereira. Once you arrive, your private driver will drive you to Salento to settle in at your hotel.

End of the day free. You can stroll and stroll through the colourful streets of Salento, and enjoy the first few moments in the coffee area.

Lunch and dinner are free. 

Day 8 : Excursion to the Cocora Valley

Valle de Cocora, Salento. ©Paramo Trek

Breakfast at your hotel. 

Day trip to the Cocora Valley. After enjoying a typical breakfast in Salento, you will reach by Jeep Willys the imposing Cocora Valley, a sacred place that hosts the largest wax palm trees (approx. 60m) on the planet. Your hike will take us over 6 suspension bridges of the "Indiana Jones" type that span the Quindio River, whose waters come straight down from the glaciers to supply the towns and villages of the department of the same name.

You will arrive in about 2 hours of walking to the Acaime reserve where you will be able to fall under the charm of hundreds of birds that live in the area. Return at the end of the afternoon, after 5.5 km your place of departure where your Jeep Willys will be waiting for you.

Day 9 : Direction Medellín, city of eternal springtime

Le Metrocable ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Breakfast at your hotel.

Flight to Medellín and private transfer to your hotel located in the El Poblado district of Medellín.

End of the day free to walk around and enjoy the pleasant climate of Medellín. 

Free lunch and dinner.

Day 10 : Discovery of Medellín

Sculpture de Fernando Botero ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Breakfast at your hotel. 

This morning you set off to explore Moravia, a densely populated area that was once the rubbish district of Medellin, a mountain of rubbish in the open air surrounded by a shantytown where residents lived in extreme poverty. The neighbourhood is known for the very positive attitude of its inhabitants and its strong community spirit.

Visit the neighbourhood, you will be accompanied by one of the community leaders and will be able to learn more about this incredible project of unprecedented and unique social and urban transformation.

Lunch free.

Afternoon free to visit Medellín. Recommendation: Take the cable car to Parque Arvi, where you will enjoy a wonderful view of the city. Also visit Comuna 13 and its graffiti, a lively comuna that has also undergone an impressive social and urban transformation in recent years.

Day 11 : Excursion to Guatapé

Penón de Guatapé. ©diegograndi

Breakfast at your hotel

Direction the village of Guatapé, located about 2 hours from Medellín. Free day with vehicle and driver at your disposal.

Suggestions: Climb up to the Peñol Rock, the view of the lake and the surroundings is breathtaking... from up there the show is simply grandiose! The charm of the village of Guatapé lies in the colourful relief friezes on the walls of the houses which tell the customs and legends of the region. Numerous craftsmen's workshops are present in the village. You can also take a boat on the lake for a moment of relaxation with a splendid view of the surroundings.

Lunch is free.

Late afternoon return to Medellín.

Dinner free.

Day 12 : Santa Fé de Antioquia and its colonial architecture

Rues colorées de Guatapé. ©DC_Colombia - iStockphoto

Breakfast at your hotel

Direction Santa Fé de Antioquia, the cradle of all the warmth, kindness and joy paisa. Its colonial houses, beautiful churches and cobbled streets are the scene of the origin of an entire people. Santa Fe de Antioquia was declared a national monument in 1960. Its eight colonial-style churches, white and ochre houses, decorated wooden windows and doors, the Puente de Occidente, a suspension bridge built in 1895, the Museum of Religious Art, the smell of coffee, coloured roses and the flavour of tamarind invite you to discover this timeless place.

Lunch free.

End of the day free to visit the city.

Dinner free.

Day 13 : Direction Cartagena de Indias

Entrée de la tour de l'horloge à Carthagène. ©Gary Tognoni

Breakfast at your hotel

Flight to Cartagena. Once you arrive, your driver will be waiting to take you to your hotel located in the historic centre of Cartagena.

Lunch and free time at the end of the day to discover this fantastic city.

Dinner free

Day 14 : Discovery of Cartagena

Palenquera vendant des fruits. ©andresr

Breakfast at your hotel.

Free day dedicated to visiting Cartagena and its most emblematic districts.

Suggestions : Stroll through the colonial streets of the city founded in 1533 and which made its fortune from the port activity. From there, the wealth conquered by the Spaniards in South America (gold and silver) was sent to Europe. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 and it is easy to understand why. The buildings are reminiscent of the splendour of the colonial era, with their beautifully carved wooden balconies and wooden doors opening onto sumptuous patios. You visit the Plaza Santo Domingo, Las Bovedas and its craftsmen, the Convent of La Popa offering a unique panorama of the city, the imposing fortress of San Felipe, from where you can admire the sunset.

Lunch and dinner free.

Day 15 : Direction Santa Marta


Breakfast at your hotel

Private transfer to Santa Marta. Settle into your hotel and take advantage of the free end of the day to visit the centre of Santa Marta, a city located between the Sierra Nevada and the Caribbean beaches.

Free lunch and dinner.

Day 16 : Excursion to Tayrona Park

Parque Nacional Tayrona. ©Emmanuel Lhullier

Breakfast at the hotel. 

Private transfer to Tayrona Park to start your day trip. This park of more than 15,000 is one of the most fascinating ecological reserves on the South American continent.  

Situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain, it offers a wild landscape of thick tropical forest plunging into the Atlantic Ocean and rugged coves. It is home to 108 species of mammals and 300 species of birds. You will walk along beautiful paths between forest and sea to Arrecifes. You take breaks on the beaches and in natural swimming pools. You walk to the beautiful beaches of Cabo San Juan where you can take a swim.

Return to Santa Marta at the end of the day.  

Lunch included

Free dinner

Day 17 : On the way to La Guajira: Manaure and Cabo de la Vela

Parque nacional Tayrona. ©Adrien Scat

Departure between 4:00 and 4:30 in the morning towards La Guajira. Typical breakfast in Palomino or Riohacha.

You take the road again for about 1:30 hour and a half to reach the town of Uribia, where you take a panoramic tour to visit it, before taking the road again for about 20 minutes to the village of Manaure. In this village you visit the salt works and the process of salt harvesting is explained to you in more detail.

You then continue on your way through the Ayuama desert, San Martin or Puerto Bolivar depending on the weather conditions, to Cabo de la Vela. Typical lunch in a Wayuu hostel.

You then have free time to enjoy the beach, swimming or just relaxing, before going to visit the "Pilon de Azucar", where you can also enjoy the sea and watch the sunset from the lighthouse.

Dinner in a Wayuu hostel.

Day 18 : Dunes of Taroa and Punta Gallinas

Dunes du Taroa, Punta Gallinas, Guajira. ©CAPOA VOYAGES COLOMBIE

Breakfast included.

Departure in 4x4 from Cabo de la Vela towards the dunes of Taroa, where you can enjoy a refreshing bath. You drive on for approximately 40 minutes until you reach Punta Gallinas, where you have lunch.

Lunch is included.

After lunch, you will visit the Bahia Honda, Bahia Hondita ("bahia" means bay in Spanish), Punta Aguja and the Punta Gallinas lighthouse, from where you can watch the sunset.

Typical dinner in a Wayuu inn.

Day 19 : Bahia Hondita, its mangroves and pink flamingos

Bahía Solano. ©Michel Redondo -

Breakfast included. 

After breakfast, you will take a boat trip to Bahia Hondita, where you can observe the fauna and flora in its mangroves, especially the different species of birds such as flamingos, if the season permits.

Lunch is included in a Wayuu hostel.

After lunch, you can enjoy your free time to take a walk on the beach, take a swim or simply relax.

Dinner at Wayuu Hostel.

Day 20 : Direction Santa Marta


Breakfast included.

Departure in 4x4 from Punta Gallinas in the direction of Uribia, the journey takes approximately 3 hours.

Lunch included.

After lunch, direction Riohacha, where you can enjoy your free time to walk along the pier, visit the cathedral and the Nicolas de Federmann and José Prudencio Padilla parks, and finally buy handicrafts if you wish.

You then take the road back to your hotel at around 3pm in the direction of Santa Marta.

Dinner at your leisure

Day 21 : Departure for Bogotá and international connection

Breakfast at your hotel. 

Flight to Bogotá and then your international connection.

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