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Discover the North of Argentina through its people and its gastronomy. After a few days in the capital, you will fly to the North West of the country to discover all the charms of this region where the Andean culture is still very present. Then you continue your trip visiting Misiones in the North-East: beyond the Iguazu Falls, this province is also the lungs of Argentina with an exuberant flora and one of the cradles of the Guarani culture. A real immersion that will awaken all your senses! 


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I am Elsa, travel designer at Terra Argentina. The northwest of Argentina is a region that I am particularly fond of, not only for the beauty and grandeur of its landscapes but also for its Andean culture and the kindness of its inhabitants. It is a real pleasure for me to share with you my passion and my enthusiasm for this beautiful country. 

Day 1: Welcome to Argentina! - City Tour Buenos Aires

Day 2: Buenos Aires - Salta - City Tour Salta

Day 3: Salta - San Salvador de Jujuy - Purmamarca - Salinas Grandes

Day 4: Salinas Grandes - Purmamarca - Tilcara - Huacalera

Day 5: Huacalera - Humahuaca - Cerro Hornocal - Salta

Day 6: Salta - Quebrada de Escoipe - Cachi

Day 7: Cachi - Molinos - Estancia Colomé - Angastaco

Day 8: Angastaco - Quebrada de las Flechas - Cafayate Vineyards - Cafayate

Day 9: Corralito - Quebrada de las Conchas - Cerrillos

Day 10: Cerrillos - Salta Airport - Puerto Iguazú

Day 11: Iguazu National Park, Argentinian side - Puerto Iguazú

Day 12: Iguazu National Park, Brazilian side - Puerto Iguazú

Day 13: Puerto Iguazú - Surucua Lodge

Day 14: Surucua Lodge - Yasí Yateré Reserve

Day 15: Yasí Yateré Reserve - Oberá - Santa Ana Mission

Day 16: San Ignacio Miní Mission - Posadas - Buenos Aires

Day 17: Retiro bus station - Buenos Aires - Milonga

Day 18: Buenos Aires - International Airport Ezeiza

Day 1 : Welcome to Argentina! - City Tour Buenos Aires

Danseurs de Tango. ©Jordan Banks

Private transfer from Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE) to your hotel. Transfer with an English-speaking guide.

Visit Buenos Aires (half day, walking tour, aprox 5h)

Start your discovery of Buenos Aires by the political and historical centre of the capital around the 9 de Julio Avenue dominated by the Obelisk and the main square, Plaza de Mayo, beating heart of Argentina's social and historical moments. Next stop: San Telmo, one of the oldest neighbourhoods with an intact Porteño atmosphere.

Continue your visit with the picturesque neighborhood of La Boca, host to the small alley of El Caminito, where painters, tango dancers and singers meet between the ancient colourful wooden houses.

Visit of the "Los Pibes del Playón" cooperative, producers of Los Porteñitos alfajors

In 2001, a serious economic crisis hit Argentina. Numerous cooperatives were born in that period and are still operating today. Los Pibes del Playon was created then to produce the first hand-made alfajores in Buenos Aires (typical argentinian biscuits). Visit the cooperative cafe, try the handmade alfajores and listen to the story and experience of this place told by its participants.

Return to your hotel after the visit.


Night at the Selina in standard room.

Day 2 : Buenos Aires - Salta - City Tour Salta

Floralis Genérica. ©JopsStock - Shutterstock.com

Private transfer from your hotel to the Buenos Aires Domestic Airport.

Domestic flight Buenos Aires - Salta.

Welcoming at Salta's airport and transfer to the hotel in private vehicle.

Half day tour of Salta on foot.

The city was founded in 1582 by Hernando de Lerma. Today, the charming colonial style houses stand next to modern buildings, all gathered around the main square, the 9th of July Square.

You will discover the MAAM museum (Museo Archelogia de Alta Montaña), a fascinating museum that makes us aware of the Inca culture. The MAAM was created after the discovery of 3 children's mummies at an altitude of more than 6000 meters, on the high Inca sanctuary of the Llullaillaco Volcano. 

You will then go to the Mercado Municipal San Miguel. This colourful market will have you wandering among its merchants selling fruits, vegetables, spices and medicinal plants from the region. Meet the local craftsmen who exhibit their work in cactus wood, alpaca, wool and ceramics... objects of great finesse whose knowledge is passed on from generation to generation.

Duration: about 3h30.

Folkloric dinner in a peña in the heart of Salta. The best groups of the region present a quality show between music and traditional dances (chacarera, gato, escondido...). Traditional menu.


Night at Delvino hotel in superior room.

Day 3 : Salta - San Salvador de Jujuy - Purmamarca - Salinas Grandes

Église San Francisco. ©Maxime DRAY

Taking charge of your rental vehicle type 4x2 Duster or Ecosport or similar. Free km. Compulsory Insurance Included. Pick up at your hotel

Suggested itinerary:

You will leave by rental car from Salta. After 180 km of driving, you will arrive in the small Andean village of Purmamarca (village of the Holy Land in Aymara language) which belongs to the neighbouring province of Jujuy. You will not fail to admire its mountain of 7 colours, the "Cerro de los siete colores", a sort of mineral rainbow which testifies to a rich geological activity.

You will take the road 52 towards the Salinas Grandes, the big salt pans. You arrive at a vast white expanse that contrasts sharply with the surrounding azure sky. You are in the middle of one of the largest salt deserts in Argentina (12,000 hectares). Don't miss the chance to see herds of vicuñas on the road.

260 kms - 3h50 of road / Asphalt.

You continue your journey from the big salt flats towards the small village of Pozo Colorado at the foot of the big salt flats.

25kms - 30 min of road / track.

You will arrive at the village of Pozo Colorado, on the edge of the salt flat, where a small community lives. When you arrive, you will try a unique experience of living the last rays of sun, which are lost in the mountain range from the Salar, enjoying an exclusive snack.


Overnight at the Hotel Posada del Silencio in a standard room.

Day 4 : Salinas Grandes - Purmamarca - Tilcara - Huacalera

Désert de Sel des Salinas Grandes. ©Ludovic COSTE

Suggested itinerary :

Departure from the Salinas Grandes. You will take the direction of the small Andean village of Purmamarca which is located at the foot of the seven colours mountain.

Your Andean road will lead you to the charming village of Tilcara, in the heart of the Quebrada de Humahuaca. Visit to the village of Tilcara: we invite you to visit the ruins of the Pucará of Tilcara. This pre-Hispanic village of the Omaguaca civilization dates back more than 900 years. Visit the site and the remarkable collections of the museum. The museum houses mortuary vases, jewellery and other objects from the archaeological sites of northwestern Argentina.

You will take time to visit the Fernando Dupont winery. This winery, guided by the oenologist Marcos Etchart, is a pioneer in wine production in the Quebrada de Humahuaca. The Quebrada enjoys little rainfall and long, cool autumns. Bodega Fernando Dupont grows Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes. These grape varieties allow the production of wines with a high concentration of flavours and intense aromas. You'll notice this during the tasting!

At the end of the day we will head to Huacalera to spend the night.

Note: around 2h drive - 110 Km. Asphalt and track.


Night at the Finca Solar del Tropico in standard room. Dinner included: starter, main course, dessert, soft drink.

Day 5 : Huacalera - Humahuaca - Cerro Hornocal - Salta

Inca Cueva ©danilovieira1 - Shutterstock.com

Suggested itinerary:

You will again take the Andean road to Humahuaca. From there, you will head east and take a trail that will take you up to 4200 meters of altitude. At the top, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the multicoloured Cerro de la Serranía del Hornocal or mountain of 14 colours.

In the late afternoon, return to Salta.

Note: 5h30 drive - 340 Km. Asphalt and track.


Night at the Hotel Torrontes, in a standard room.

Day 6 : Salta - Quebrada de Escoipe - Cachi

Inglesia San José ©M. Etcheverry - Shutterstock.com

Itinerary given as an indication:

Departure by rental car to the small colonial village of Cachi located at 2200 m of altitude!

We will pass through the Piedra del Molino pass at 3600 m, the deep valley of the Quebrada de Escoipe, the rugged mountains of the Cuesta del Obispo, then the Regional Park of Los Cardones bristling with centenary cactus... great landscapes in any season!

You will arrive in the village of Cachi. Its charm marks more than one traveller! You will walk in its alleys with low whitewashed houses. The church of San José, dating from the 18th century with its carved cactus wood roof, is well worth a visit.

Don't miss a visit to the small Pablo Diaz archaeological museum, which has a beautiful collection of pre-Inca and Inca ceramics, particularly from the Santa Maria culture. The museum is closed on Mondays.

We take our vehicle back to Cachi Adentro to get closer to the snowy peaks of the Nevado de Cachi. On the way, we recommend a visit to Bodegas Puna, Mira Luna and Isasmendi, where you can taste the high altitude wines.

157 km of which 70 km are on track, approximately 3h30 of travel.


Night at the Casa de Campo La Paya in standard room. Dinner included.

Day 7 : Cachi - Molinos - Estancia Colomé - Angastaco

Église de Molinos. ©Sylvie Ligon

From Cachi you will go to Molinos, a charming little village dating from 1659. You will visit its beautiful church with a roof made of cactus wood (cardón), as well as the hacienda of Molinos d'Isasmendi, who was the last governor of the city of Salta.

You will continue to the Bodega Colomé to visit the vineyard and taste its high altitude wines! Bodega Colomé produces wines in the highest vineyards in the world. Malbec grapes from four different altitudes are grown here. The winery is part of Hess Family Wine Estates, a Swiss-based family business with vineyards in the US and Argentina.

You will drive back to the small village of Angastaco.

3h35 of road - 125 kms of track.


Overnight stay at Finca el Carmen in a standard room. Finca el Carmen is one of the oldest fincas in the region. Today it continues its viticultural and agricultural activity and offers a visit to a museum dedicated to the old agricultural techniques used in the region as well as to an old chapel dating from 1780. Two mummies found in the area are on display.

Dinner included, local recipes using products from the Finca.

Day 8 : Angastaco - Quebrada de las Flechas - Cafayate Vineyards - Cafayate

Angastaco ©Anibal Trejo - Shutterstock.com

Suggested route:

You leave Angastaco to reach Cafayate through the majestic "Quebrada de las Flechas", surrounded by a mysterious lunar landscape.

Arrival in Cafayate, the most important town in the Calchaquies Valleys, known for its numerous wineries and its Torrontes grape variety. We recommend a visit to the Bodegas Piatelli, Nanni or Finca las Nubes, which offer tastings of their high altitude wines.

You will continue your journey towards Corralito, where one of the local communities will be waiting for you.

133 km of which 100 km of track, about 3h30 of travel.


You will be welcomed by the family who will house you in the community of Corralito. You will be installed in your house. Preparation of the meal and dinner with the family. You will spend the night in the community of Red de Turismo Campesino. The houses are inspired by traditional Andean constructions.

Day 9 : Corralito - Quebrada de las Conchas - Cerrillos

Quebrada de las conchas ©Jeroen Mikkers - Shutterstock.com

Local family breakfast (maté, farmhouse bread, tortillas). Activity in the morning, 3 hours walking with a guide in the surroundings of the community in the grandiose landscapes of the Calchaquies Valleys. Afterwards, you will be able to participate in the preparation of lunch and share it with the host family.

You will be back on the road in the early afternoon.

Suggested itinerary :

You will take the road to the village of Cerrillos, crossing the "Quebrada de las Conchas" which offers without doubt the most spectacular landscapes of the Argentine Northwest! You will find yourself in the heart of imposing and semi-desert mountains, canyons and multicolored rocks sculpted by the erosion of water and wind.

Stops along the way are indicated: don't miss the Devil's George, the Amphitheatre or the Obelisk!

Arrival in Cerillos at the end of the day.

200 km - 3h30 of travel - asphalt.


Night at Estancia San Agustin in standard room.

This estancia is a mansion dating back to the mid 18th century, the finca was the main house of one of the most valuable cattle ranches of the time. You will be welcomed by its owners who will share with you the history of this old ranch and their passion for breeding the Peruano de Paso horse, a typical breed of the region.

Upon your arrival, the owner of the finca will show you around and take you on horseback (for those who wish), the opportunity to talk with a horse and livestock enthusiast!

Day 10 : Cerrillos - Salta Airport - Puerto Iguazú

Puerto Iguazú ©Arnaud BONNEFOY

Lunch included at the Estancia: Argentinan barbecue ¨asado¨. You enjoy San Agustin and the surrounding area before heading back to Salta Airport for your return flight.

50 kms, 1 hour drive / Asphalt.

Return your vehicle to the airport.

Domestic flight Salta - Puerto Iguazu.

Rental Car - vehicle category: Chevrolet Etios or similar. Unlimited mileage included. GPS included.

Enjoy your free time!

The tropical climate is perfect to relax near the swimming pool of your hotel. For the curious ones, you can also go on your own to the Jardin de los Picaflores. It is a private garden where you can see a lot of colibris.


Nigh at the Jardin De Iguazu hotel in standard room.

Day 11 : Iguazu National Park, Argentinian side - Puerto Iguazú

Circuit supérieur. ©Ugo GABERT

Suggested itinerary by rental car:

Departure this morning to reach the Iguazu park on the Argentinian side. You can enjoy the different circuits of this magnificent site: lower, upper and the "Garganta del Diablo" circuit. With 80% of the Iguazu Falls, the Argentinian side allows you to literally live the experience of the falls.

Besides offering these fabulous and breathtaking landscapes, Iguazu is also home to intense animal life and lush vegetation.

Note 1: It is recommended to wear waterproof and light clothing.


Nigh at the Jardin De Iguazu hotel in standard room.

Day 12 : Iguazu National Park, Brazilian side - Puerto Iguazú

Coatis dans le parc des chutes ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

Suggested itinerary:

Today you will visit on your own the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Park. In this unique circuit, you will walk through the walkways leading to the different points of view. You can admire magnificent panorama of all the falls and of San Martin Island.

Note: it is recommended to wear waterproof and light clothing.


Nigh at the Jardin De Iguazu hotel in standard room.

Day 13 : Puerto Iguazú - Surucua Lodge

Survol de l'hôtel das Cataratas en hélicoptère ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

Suggested itinerary:

Today, you leave from Puerto Iguazu towards Comadante Andresito. On the road, you will come across trucks filled with Yerba Maté. This plant is used for a drink served hot in a calabash. Even today, this tradition is very strong throughout the country. You continue deep in the forest to reach the Surucua lodge located near the Río Iguazu.

Your host Adrián will propose various activities to choose from, depending on the season and weather conditions (in English or Spanish):

- Bird watching and nature photography. Among the most significant species, you will find Surucua Trogons, band-tailed Manakins, Araçaris...

- Hikes in the Parana forest

- Kayaking - navigation on the Iguazú river...

Visit to the cooperative of Yerba Maté Andresito.

From the Yerba Maté, produced in this region, the Argentines follow the ritual of maté, a drink served hot in a calabash. Even today, the tradition is very strong throughout the country. You will discover the process from the seed of the Yerba Maté plant, through the planting, to its final process.

Note: entrance not included.


Night at the Surucua Lodge - standard room, full board.

Day 14 : Surucua Lodge - Yasí Yateré Reserve

Singe hurleur. ©Ugo GABERT

Suggested itinerary :

You leave Surucua Lodge to take the famous route 101. You cross numerous reserves and natural parks classified among the most preserved in Argentina. You continue to El Soberbio, a charming little flowered town, where you can discover the aroma museum.

The Yasi Yateré reserve is surrounded by the exuberant vegetation that characterizes the Missionary jungle, his cabin offers comfort surrounded by a landscape full of life and nature. It is an ideal place for nature lovers, concerned about conservation who want to enjoy moments of calm and reflection. Ideal for couples and bird watchers, photography enthusiasts.

The tours are short and of low difficulty where you will be able to observe the large number of edible species that the Reserve has in the agroforestry sector (tropical fruits, coffee plantation and yerba mate under bush, aromatic crops) and also a tour is added through the native jungle sector where we show some endangered species. This tour lasts approximately two hours. You are accompanied by a guide.


Night at the Yasi Yateré reserve in a cabin.

Day 15 : Yasí Yateré Reserve - Oberá - Santa Ana Mission

Toucan de la région d'Iguazú. ©Maxime DRAY

Suggested itinerary

Follow the Río Uruguay (Uruguay River). The road crosses many small villages founded by European settlers: German, Polish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, etc ... The region lives mainly from agriculture, tea and wood plantations.

After a two-hour drive, you reach the town of Oberá, surrounded by sub-tropical forest. Founded by European immigrants, Oberá means "the one that shines" in the Guaraní language. Today, the descendants of these first immigrants have created more than 15 communities that maintain their culture and tradition in harmony with the ancestral customs of the native peoples of the region.

It will be a day full of good feelings, harvesting green tea leaves by hand and discovering stories and harvesting methods. Next you will delight yourselves with a regional meal designed by their best chefs. You will end the day tasting different types of teas made in-house. Duration: 5 hours

Note: remember to bring sunscreen, insecticidal cream, comfortable shoes and a hat

After discovering the tea culture in the small town of Obera, you continue your journey to Santa Ana, where you will spend the night.


Night at the Al Kamar Lodge in standard room.

Day 16 : San Ignacio Miní Mission - Posadas - Buenos Aires

Ruines des missions de San Ignacio Mini. ©Arnaud BONNEFOY

Suggested itinerary:

A few kilometers from Posadas, you will arrive at the ruins of San Ignacio. These are living testimony to the work of the Jesuits and their inspiration from indigenous and European cultures. The best preserved building is the church whose facade can still be seen today. An interpretive circuit of 9 rooms takes us to the 17th century, allowing us to understand this grandiose work, as well as the reasons for the heyday and the disappearance of the missions.

You can also visit the ruins of Loreta, Santa Ana and Santa María la Mayor.

You reach the city of Posadas at he end of the day.

Drop off of your vehicle at the bus station.

Departure by sleeper bus from Posadas towards Buenos Aires.

Day 17 : Retiro bus station - Buenos Aires - Milonga

L'obélisque incontournable de l'avenue 9 de Julio. ©Maxence Gorréguès

Transfer from Retiro bus statio to the hotel in a private vehicle. Transfer with an English speaking guide.

Free day in Buenos Aires

Night at the milonga, ballroom for tango aficionados

Step into the intimate atmosphere of the milonga to observe the tango etiquette at ease while sipping champagne: men cross eyes with seated women to invite them. A small nod means yes, and dancers then meet directly on the floor. The atmosphere is warm and lively at the tables, between visitors and regulars.

Note : the exact time and place of the milonga may vary depending on the day - some start at 7pm, others at 11pm, and a few continue till dawn, ending with hot coffee and fresh croissants!

Evening accompanied with an English speaking guide. Transfer to the milonga


Night at the Selina in standard room.

Day 18 : Buenos Aires - International Airport Ezeiza

Caminito et ses façades colorées. ©Milosz Maslanka - Shutterstock.com

Transfer from the hotel to Ezeiza International Airport in a private vehicle.

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