Guadeloupe : Discovery of the Butterfly in 11 days

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Guadeloupe is an island in the French West Indies with a magnificent butterfly shape. A butterfly with a slight bias, a high wing: Grande Terre. And a low wing: Basse Terre. 
It offers both in Grande and Basse Terre very varied and equally superb activities. Guadeloupe also has the particularity of having other small islands around. A wide range of activities for a stay with family or friends! 
The advantage of Guadeloupe is that it has everything to satisfy all tastes: white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, but also rivers, waterfalls and enchanted forests. A moment of escape. 

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11 days

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Day 1: Ankunft in Guadeloupe - Saint François

Day 2: First, relaxing on the beach

Day 3: Hiking in Port Louis

Day 4: Morning History at Pointe-à-Pitre

Day 5: Day in Marie-Galante

Day 6: Departure for the Basse Terre and beaches

Day 7: Day of the Saints

Day 8: Kayak at Malendure and Parc des Mamelles

Day 9: Carbet Falls and Vieux Fort

Day 10: Ecomuseum of Sainte Rose and Beaches, beaches

Day 11: Departure

Day 1 : Ankunft in Guadeloupe - Saint François

Plage de Bois Jolan. ©Gilles MOREL

You've been dreaming about it, it's D-day! When you land in Guadeloupe you will create wonderful memories!  
After getting off the plane and picking up your luggage, you will be able to pick up your rental car directly at the airport. You will join your Suite, which can accommodate 2 to 4 people, in the seaside resort of Saint François. When you arrive, don't lose a second to enjoy the swimming pool or spa!  
You will spend the first 5 nights of your stay in this accommodation, the formula will offer you breakfast. 

Day 2 : First, relaxing on the beach

GRANDE-ANSE ©Filip Fuxa -

It's the holidays, being active is good, but basking is good too! We suggest you discover the beaches in the vicinity of your accommodation. 
Heading towards the magnificent Pointe des Châteaux, you will discover the magnificent beach of Les Salines, Anse à La Gourde, the beach of La Douche and the pretty family beaches of Le Moule as well. 
Don't forget: flippers, mask, snorkel and lycra. 
For lunch, you will have many options: Saint-François is full of small, friendly restaurants.
On the way back, make a stop in the craft galleries, you will find treasures! Especially breadfruit crisps...

Day 3 : Hiking in Port Louis

Pays de la Canne, Beauport. ©Gilles MOREL

This time, you will set off to discover Port Louis.
A very beautiful sandy beach. The coast which runs along Port Louis and which goes up to Anse Bertrand offers sublime panoramas. Deserted beaches with almost unreal colours. The walk will take you through the mangrove, the beach and the cliffs. In 7 km you will reach Anse Bertrand. You will be free to walk as much as you want of course. 
You will take the time to discover the beach of La Chapelle in Anse Bertrand, where you will be able to eat. 
In the afternoon: you will take the direction of the cliffs and on the way make a swimming stop at Anse Laborde, a beautiful beach. Then, head for the Pointe de la Grande Vigie! 
To return to Saint-François, you can go through Le Moule where the famous Zevallos house, full of ghost stories, is located... 

Day 4 : Morning History at Pointe-à-Pitre

Mémorial ACTe ©Gilles MOREL

Day 4, why not discover the history of Guadeloupe?
In the morning, you will be able to discover the history of the island during a visit to the Memorial Act. A magnificent building of modern architecture. The visit will take about 2 hours. 
In the afternoon, on the way back, you will take time to stop in Petit-Havre. Surf lovers, you will love the spot. Petit-Havre also offers many coastal walks. 

Day 5 : Day in Marie-Galante

Ville de Capesterre. ©Tom Pepeira - Iconotec

You will take the ferry from Saint-François, here you will embark for Marie-Galante! Upon arrival at the Port of Saint Louis, you will pick up your rental car.
During the day you will discover the most beautiful beaches, Anse Canot, La Feuillère beach... Marie-Galante will also offer you beautiful walks and historical places of discovery... 
At the end of the afternoon it will be time to drop off your vehicle and go back sailing towards Guadeloupe.

Day 6 : Departure for the Basse Terre and beaches

Bourg de Deshaies ©Tom Pepeira - Iconotec

It will be time for you to leave your accommodation in Saint-François and move to Deshaies. You will be in a charming Bungalow that can accommodate 4 people, fully equipped, in order to prepare your little dishes. 
After settling down comfortably, don't waste any time, run to explore the very rich seabed of the Ti'Anse beach. Open your eyes wide as the wildlife is incredible.

Day 7 : Day of the Saints

Plage du Pain de Sucre. ©Vincent FORMICA

You will go to Trois Rivières to take the ferry. After 40 minutes of navigation, you will arrive in Terre-de-Haut. 
On site you will have the choice: electric bikes, carts, scooters or bicycles. 
In the morning, reserve the local specialties that sell very quickly: fish pancakes and fish puff pastries. 
Bring a mask, snorkel and flippers. Discover the translucent waters of Pain de Sucre. 
For lunch, we suggest you try the specialities of the snack Chez les Filles (mention TB with marinated chicken sandwich!) or also the restaurant Ti Bo Doudou: refined and very affordable! 
At the end of the afternoon you will return to Trois Rivières.

Day 8 : Kayak at Malendure and Parc des Mamelles

Baie de Marigot. ©Vincent FORMICA

Go and meet the turtles at Malendure, at Bouillante, during a kayak trip to the Pigeon islet. 
Very often the turtles have their breakfast in the morning. It's nice to see them feasting. By Kayak, you will go to the Cousteau Reserve, a real life-size aquarium. 
For lunch, we will recommend you some very good restaurants, La Tuna, le Rocher de Malendure, both by the sea, or the Gommiers in the village of Pointe Noire. 
In the afternoon, you will take a trip to the Parc des Mamelles, a nature-friendly park that works to preserve animal species and biodiversity. You can enjoy a timeless moment as close as possible to the treetops, as if you were flying.

Day 9 : Carbet Falls and Vieux Fort

Chutes du Carbet. ©Lionel MEYER - Fotolia

In the cool of the morning, you'll set off to discover the Carbet Falls! There are 3 falls, as you wish to discover the first, the most impressive, the second which is the most accessible and has a very important flow or the third, of an incomparable beauty. These are rather long hikes, so get your strength before the start. On your return; for the craving, you will take the direction of Vieux Fort. On the seafront, in a car park right next to an iron carousel, you will be able to taste one of the best Bokits of the Basse Terre, a small truck that doesn't look like much. 4 euros for a Bokit XXL, what more could you ask for? 
In the afternoon, go and discover Vieux Fort, a place full of history and anecdotes...

Day 10 : Ecomuseum of Sainte Rose and Beaches, beaches

Phare de Vieux-Fort. ©Vincent FORMICA

This is your penultimate day! You have to make the most of it! You will leave in the direction of Sainte Rose, to discover the Ecomuseum: which combines Botany, grandmothers' remedies and Guadeloupe culture. 
For lunch, you can go to the famous beach of Grande Anse, where you will find very good restaurants. 
Then in the afternoon, you can enjoy a turquoise beach that perfectly combines with the golden colour of the sand.

Day 11 : Departure

Marché de Basse-Terre. ©Vincent FORMICA

You will then leave your accommodation! You will leave in the direction of Pointe-à-Pitre airport to return your rental car.

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