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Between heaven and earth, in the waters of the seas, as well as in the beds of rivers, lies an enigma and history. From the Greeks in the north and their Roman successors as emperors, from the Nabataeans as sculptors to the Umayyad conquerors, Jordan's vastness invites you to feel its warmth. This tour 08 days 07 nights to visit the kingdom rich in history, Jordan is a crossroads of civilizations growing on its land, a rich destination that deserves to be discovered. Welcome to Jordan.

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8 days

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This tour of 08 days in Jordan is the occasion to see everything from north to south, I take care of your services on site, our assistance is 24 hours a day, our team is professional you will be in good hands with our agency See Jordan Tours.

Day 1: Amman (Welcome to Jordan)

Day 2: Amman - Umm Qays - Jerash - Amman

Day 3: Amman Madaba Mount Nebo Kerak Petra

Day 4: Petra (one day of the visit)

Day 5: Petra Little Petra Wadi Rum

Day 6: Wadi Rum Aqaba

Day 7: Aqaba Wadi Araba Dead Sea Amman

Day 8: Amman - Airport for Departure

Day 1 : Amman (Welcome to Jordan)

Le temple d'Hercule au cœur de la Citadelle d'Amman (Qala'a). ©Visit Jordan

Arrival in Amman at the airport to obtain the visa. Welcome by your driver at the airport (Queen Alia). Transfer to the hotel. Overnight in Amman.

Day 2 : Amman - Umm Qays - Jerash - Amman

Hippodrome de Jerash. ©Richard Yoshida - Fotolia

After breakfast, Visit Umm Qays, known by his scholars and philosophers in the 1st century. The old city, still under the sands, shelters an astonishing theater in black basalt (western theater); the remains of a Byzantine church, adjoining a courtyard dotted with sarcophagi cut and carved from the same black stone; a well-preserved underground mausoleum (300 m west of the nymphaeum). An important city to which a monumental door gave access, Gadara also had a large public fountain, a documents maximus with colonnades, a forum where you can see the remains of shops and a racetrack.
Continuation Jerash or Gérasa This is the second major site in Jordan after Petra. Today considered one of the best-preserved Roman provincial cities in the Near East. The peak of Gerasa dates from the 2nd and 3rd centuries.
Jerash is the very example of Roman municipal planning, vast and formal, throughout the Middle East. It is adorned with cobbled, colonnaded streets, immense temples on the crests of the hills, delightful theaters, spacious public squares, thermal baths, fountains and walls pierced by towers and grids.
Return to Amman for dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 3 : Amman Madaba Mount Nebo Kerak Petra

Le Site du Mont Nébo. ©demerzel21 - Fotolia

Breakfast at the hotel, visit of Madaba. The city of mosaics, Madaba had 14 churches and was home to an extraordinary mosaic school. Their art reached its peak in the 5th and 6th centuries.  You will visit the Church of St. George in Madaba, the "Map of Palestine" unearthed in 1898 when the church was built. This mosaic from the middle of the 6th century, barely altered, traces the geography of the Byzantine Near East. It originally measured 25 m by 5 m and consisted of two million tesserae.

Then you will visit Mt. Nebo, 10 km north-west of Madaba. And Moses, starting from the plains of Moab, climbed to the top of Mt. Nebo, in Pisgah, which faces Jericho . Then the presumed site of the tomb of Moses, Mount Nebo culminates at an altitude of 840m. It became a universal place of pilgrimage from the beginning of the Christian era.

Then on our way to Petra, we will follow the Kings' Route which follows the ancient presumed route of the Hebrews led by Moses during the Exodus, a route of about 200 km, with a remarkable view of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. Stop in the valley of Mujib.

Continuation to Kerak via the Kings' Road, panoramic stop in the valley of Al-Mujib which resembles the great canyon in the United States. Arrival in Kerak (possibility to eat in Kerak), after lunch, visit of the castle which is considered impregnable.

Continue south to the pink city of Petra. Arrival in the evening in Petra Installation at the hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 4 : Petra (one day of the visit)

Monastère (Ed-Deir). ©Hugo Canabi - Iconotec

Breakfast at the Hotel and departure for a full day tour of Petra the Pink city "Petra", "the stone" in Greek, stems from the Aramaic toponym "RQM" (pronounced "rekem" or "rakmou"), which means "bicolour ". Geology is indeed at the origin of the red city, entirely carved in soft Sandstone.

You will cross the Siq, a narrow and long fault due to a prehistoric earthquake. Suddenly, at the end of the Siq, appears the most majestic monument of Petra, "Al Khazneh" or the "Treasure" with Greco-Roman decor.

There are hundreds of carved buildings, temples, Royal tombs, houses, burial chambers, function rooms, baths, monumental staircases, arch-shaped doors, cobbled streets and above all the theater Roman of about 3000 seats. You will cross the Roman cardo and you will Visit Qasr El Bint, the only temple still standing and in a good state of preservation. Possible Lunch at the restaurant on site. In the afternoon, ascent to Mount El Deir or the Monastery (optional), and free time.

Return to the Hotel. Dinner & overnight.

Day 5 : Petra Little Petra Wadi Rum

Excursion en chameau dans le Wadi Rum. ©Visit Jordan

Breakfast at the hotel and departure, towards the small Petra “Little Petra”, then road towards Wadi Rum - The desert of Wadi Rum- If Petra is the result of the work of man combined with that of nature, cliffs, peaks and valleys of Wadi Rum owe their "serene beauty" and their "overwhelming grandeur" to themselves. This desolate site was indeed one of the high places of the Great Arab Revolt, magnified by director David Lean in one of the most impressive scenes in his Lawrence of Arabia.

Tour in a “local” Jeep pick-up in the desert for about two hours. Then Dinner and overnight in a Bedouin camp Under the tent.

Day 6 : Wadi Rum Aqaba

Dans les rues d'Aqaba. ©Visit Jordan

After breakfast, Road to Aqaba, Free time in the city of Aqaba to enjoy a relaxing time and several activities are offered, Aqaba is the perfect opportunity to relax after the Pink desert, heading north. Its sandy beaches and coral reefs are the most authentic in the Red Sea and the Jordanians are working diligently to preserve them. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Aqaba.

Option : Snorkeling among the multicolored corals and fishes of the Red Sea from a diving center, For those who wish, scuba diving in the midst of some of the best preserved coral reefs in the world.

Day 7 : Aqaba Wadi Araba Dead Sea Amman

Plaines désertiques du Wadi Araba. ©Visit Jordan

Breakfast. Departure to the Dead Sea on a beautiful Wadi Araba Road which penetrates the desert of soft and colored Sand then mountains with beautiful canyons and to follow the Dead Sea from South to north.

Then drive to the Dead Sea for a swim and unforgettable experience on a private beach. The length is 75 km and 15 km wide, the Dead Sea covers an area of 920 km2, almost twice that of Lake Geneva. The maximum depth of the Dead Sea is 399 m. The lower level of the Jordan depression is therefore 410 m below the level of the free seas and as such it represents the lowest point on the globe.

Return to Amman. Dinner & overnight at the hotel.

Day 8 : Amman - Airport for Departure

L'architecture étonnante d’Amman. ©Paolo Giocoso

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for departure and flightback.

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