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Take time, a time for yourself, a time for your spouse, a time for your family. Take the time, in an environment that lends itself to it, a cocoon, while discovering a new culture. Take the initiative to free yourself from "classic" routes to offer yourself a Keralaise break Cultural discoveries, arts, pleasure of the senses, freedom, sports activities, meetings with locals, undoubtedly an Immersion

The key word is here: you


How is this trip different?

You have certainly heard about the "Ayurvedic Cures", of 2 types... the true ones, the pure ones, one locks oneself in a center for 7/14 or 21 Days: Yoga/Care/ Dietetics and several other constraints of which that to avoid the exits; the cures which we call "cures of convenience" in edge of sea which are in total contradiction with Ayurevda which advises against the exposure to the sun, the edge of sea... always of 7/14/21 Days.

You don't have the time. You're looking for something else, and above all authenticity:

Here, we invite you to an Initiation to Ayurveda, in the respect of its principles, with the meeting of the doctors, a supervision of professionals who come from the hospital, over a time of 7 sessions, contribute to your well-being.

But we offer you the opportunity to discover other aspects of Kerala's culture, arts, sports, museums, gastronomy, traditions that make the richness of this country.

To take this time for you... as a couple or as a family.


Here we are not in an Ayurvedic Centre; we are in a structure close to the B&B - 9 Rooms, personalized service. Ayurvedic treatments are performed by the team of the Amba Panchakarma Chikitsalayam Ayurvedic Hospital in Ukaram - No website

Treatments are preferably offered in the afternoon when it is the hottest (unless the doctor at Neelambari, treatments are performed in the traditional way in a small hut made of Bamboo and Coconut/Tree Trees you can hear the birds during your treatment ... Your privacy is totally preserved but you enjoy the outdoors without the inconvenience of the sun, once the treatment is completed, you rest a moment on your terrace before continuing your activities.

It is important to respect:

1 hour between the end of a meal and the beginning of a treatment

Allow yourself about 1 hour's rest at the end of the treatment.

So end of the meal around 2:00 pm...Care at 3:00 pm...Rest at 4:00 pm...You can think Activity around 5:00 pm which is the time when the Sun is thinking about setting it's perfect, sunset around 6:00 pm.

Please note that Neelambari is not a Vegetarian principle, but it is possible to have fish.

An Ayurvedic cure does not impose a strictly vegetarian diet, it is possible to have a varied and non-vegetarian diet if you wish, the doctor will make recommendations for the best of your body.

Ayurveda is the science of Life, let's not forget that, so why cut yourself off from the world to recharge your batteries?


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16 days

From : €1,770*


Your privileged contact

I know !

The ideal, when traveling, is to call on someone who resides and works at the place of your destination, if possible for some time - 20 years in India - Because if a person listens to you and has the Experience "Field" of the destination, it can offer you what, on the spot, suits you. My knowledge is much deeper than the information found on the Internet…

Day 1: Departure to Cochin

Day 2: After Visa formalities - Collection of Suitcases - Transfer to Neelambari

Day 3: Stay in Neelambari in Full board - Massage 1

Day 4: Stay in Neelambari in Full board - Massage 2

Day 5: Stay in Neelambari in Full board - Massage 3

Day 6: Full board stay in Neelambari - Massage 4

Day 7: Full board stay in Neelambari - Massage 5

Day 8: Stay in Neelambari full board - Massage 6

Day 9: Stay in Neelambari full board - Massage 7

Day 10: TRANSFER to Marari for Beach stay for Rest after the cure

Day 11: Beach stay for rest after the cure

Day 12: Beach stay for rest after the cure

Day 13: Neelambari Kainakary in the Backwaters

Day 14: Kainakary

Day 15: Kainakary Kochin Airport of Cochin

Day 16: Departure Cochin Example 4:15 am Airport presentation 12:30 am

Day 1 : Departure to Cochin

To guarantee your room available upon your arrival around 5:00 am, the room is reserved the day before

Day 2 : After Visa formalities - Collection of Suitcases - Transfer to Neelambari

Installation - Rest - Lunch, then meeting with the Doctors for your “Introduction to your Ayurveda sessions” Relaxation massage Dinner and Overnight in Neelambari

Day 3 : Stay in Neelambari in Full board - Massage 1

Meeting with the local Yoga Teacher

Activity included: Today, Ayurveda museum and Khadi center: it is interesting to learn and understand what Ayurveda is: here we have the Ayurveda museum which traces Ayurveda evolution and practices. As said before you are here in the heart of the region of Ayurveda, the pure and original - this museum is 8 km from Neelambari. Then 4 kms, we discovered Khadi weaving center, which is the traditional weaving presentation center.

Day 4 : Stay in Neelambari in Full board - Massage 2

Activity included: This day, another Nature excursion with the Visit Athirapally waterfalls. Located barely 1 hour drive from Neelambari, it is a very beautiful waterfall among the largest in India and Asia, along the way, if you are interested in a Butterfly Park above the river .

Day 5 : Stay in Neelambari in Full board - Massage 3

Included activity: Visit a teacher of performing arts. We can plan to visit a Guru teaching Koodiyattam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi or Kathakali.

Day 6 : Full board stay in Neelambari - Massage 4


Day 7 : Full board stay in Neelambari - Massage 5

Activity included: Visit of the City of Thriss on city for shopping, and the historical and art museums sites, it is also a famous City for its Temples

Day 8 : Stay in Neelambari full board - Massage 6

Activity included: We offer you a cool day, without a car, but this time on a bike, near Neelambari, explore the countryside and meet the locals, discover rural life

And / Or if you prefer Pottery class. Pottery center 3km from Neelambari; you may be offered an introductory session

Day 9 : Stay in Neelambari full board - Massage 7

Included activity: Kalari visit: on Sunday morning, we will go to a Center in Kalaripayattu, the Indian martial art known and recognized as the ancestor of all Martial Arts: you will be able to attend the course, exchange with the instructors as well as the students and if you want to try, now’s the time,

OR IF YOU PREFER: Chimmony forest walk: we offer you a walk in the forest, a 45min drive away, the Chimmony wild life sanctuary. The Kerala Forest department offers a 3 hour nature walk- At the end of the day: Then walk on the River cruise and in the evening a Koodiyattam performance. You will be able to share and exchange with the artists. The place of representation is in Neelambari, just for you and the other people staying

Day 10 : TRANSFER to Marari for Beach stay for Rest after the cure

Free Beach Stay

Day 11 : Beach stay for rest after the cure

Free Beach Stay

Day 12 : Beach stay for rest after the cure

Free Beach Stay

Day 13 : Neelambari Kainakary in the Backwaters

Houseboat traditionnel sur les rives du lac Vembanad à Alleppey. ©Byheaven - iStockphoto

For BACKWATERS…. The network, made up of some 1,500 kilometers of canals, both natural and artificial, includes several large lakes including the Ashtamudi and the Vembanad. Spanning almost the entire length of the Kerala coast, it is fed by some 40 coastal rivers descending from the Western Ghats. The lagoons were formed by the action of waves and coastal currents creating a barrier of low islands at the mouths of coastal rivers. Linked by canals dug by human hands, the lagoons form a network of goods transport widely used by the local economy. The Backwaters are also an important tourist attraction in Kerala. To discover the backwaters ... we have chosen to move you away from the major tourist centers to discover the Backwaters from the inside by staying on a peninsula ...

For the backwaters ... forget the House-Boat ..... For the house-boat, if the accommodation itself is unusual, it is its over-exploitation which makes it less attractive !!!! House-boats next to each other ... a rowdy ... and sorry ... very difficult to get past due to government restrictions that we must respect .. Here is the much less idyllic face of the House-Boat and this is what we want to avoid. I am not sure that the traveler who seeks "the authentic" appreciate that we endorse this mass tourism !!! We offer as an alternative ... accommodation in the heart of the backwaters .... on a peninsula, immersion in the heart of the population, meeting villages ...

Day 14 : Kainakary

Breakfast at the hotel… 7:30 am - We offer you a complete immersion in daily life aboard the back waters. Explore this region on a small canoe cruise. Possibility to visit a coconut plantation, the local market, school (subject to authorization). Cooking demonstration and lunch with the locals.

Day 15 : Kainakary Kochin Airport of Cochin

Breakfast then drive to Cochin, installation at the hotel. Visit of Fort Kochi… - Kochi - formerly Cochin - is the most populous city in the state of Kerala in India and its main port, located 200 km north of its capital Thiruvananthapuram. The historic heart of the city is located in the Fort Cochin district on the Mattancheri peninsula. This is where we find the palace of the râja, called the Dutch Palace. Although built around 1555 by the Portuguese for the Virakeralavarma râja, the Dutch redeveloped it a century later to make it the palace of the governor. He will be returned to the râja who will have him decorate superb murals, admirably preserved, representing scenes from the Râmâyana. Chinese plaids are a classic tourist attraction, a likely remnant of the Chinese expedition of eunuch Zheng He who passed there before the Europeans arrived. Fort Cochin also has the old synagogue dating from 1568 and enlarged in 1760, as well as the Cathedral of Santa Cruz and the Church of St. Francis.

Day 16 : Departure Cochin Example 4:15 am Airport presentation 12:30 am

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