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Lebanon is a country that transforms its visitors! Located between the sea and the desert, its location has made it a country of refuge and shelter, but also a corridor crossed by the armies of all the civilizations of the Mediterranean all over the millennia ... its archaeological remains relate this exceptional long history that has shaped also the spirit of his people: breadth of spirit, faith and tenacity.

Five days in Lebanon are enough to discover and admire this small country and its people.

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5 days

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Day 1: Arrival

Day 2: The Chouf and Sidon

Day 3: Baalbeck and Anjar

Day 4: The Cedars, Qadicha and Byblos

Day 5: Free time and departure

Day 1 : Arrival

Vue sur Beyrouth et la mosquee Muhammad al Amin ©Ramzihachicho - iStockphoto

Arrival at Beirut Airport. Discover the historic center of Beirut: Place de l'Etoile, the Roman baths, the Martyrs' Square, Saint George's Cathedral and Mohammed El Amin Mosque. Stop on the Corniche to see the Rawche.

Installation at the hotel and overnight in Beirut.

Day 2 : The Chouf and Sidon

Palais de Bachir II, Dar el Wousta ©Philippe GUERSAN - Author's Image

This first day will be devoted to the discovery of the Chouf Mountain, the historic core of modern Lebanon: visit of Emir Bechir II Chehab palace in Beiteddine, which houses a museum of Byzantine mosaics.

Stroll in the small alleys of Deir Al Qamar, the capital of the principality of Mount Lebanon in the Ottomans time: an open-air museum with its palaces, its caravanserai and its places of worship such as the famous Fakhreddine mosque and the Maronite church of Saydet el Tell (Our Lady of the hill).

Drive to Sidon (the old Saida) and discovery of this prestigious Phoenician city: the crusader sea castle, walk in the old souks: Khan el Franj, the 17th century caravanserai, the Audi soap factory, the Debbaneh palace and the church Saint Nicholas.

Overnight in Beirut.

Day 3 : Baalbeck and Anjar

Baalbeck ©Richard Yoshida -

Visit of the fertile Bekaa valley, the breadbasket of Lebanon. In Baalbeck (UNESCO heritage), discover the archaeological site and its majestic temples dedicated to Jupiter, Venus and Bacchus and the Roman quarry where the megalithic blocks justify the gigantism of the site without revealing all its mysteries!

Drive to Anjar (UNESCO heritage), located on the crossroads between Damascus and the Lebanese coast, where in the 8th century the Umayyad built a trading city, its ruins are a beautiful example of the 1st dynasty of Islam architecture. In the 1940s the Armenians of Alexandretta settled here and created the modern village with Armenian flair (architecture, dialect and cuisine).

Wine tasting in one of the Bekaa valley wineries.

Overnight in Jounieh.

Day 4 : The Cedars, Qadicha and Byblos

La vallée de Kadisha est située à proximité de la forêt des Cèdres de Dieu ©Philippe GUERSAN - Author's Image

Drive to North Lebanon, a short hike in the shade of the Cedars of the Lord, the emblem tree of the country which has been on the national flag since the creation of Greater Lebanon in 1920.

Discovery of the Qadicha holy valley (UNESCO heritage), visit of the Saint Antoine Qozhaya monastery, living witness of Maronite monastici7m and the place where the first printing press in the Arab world was placed in the 17th century.

In the afternoon visit Byblos one of the oldest cities in the world, cradle of the Phoenician alphabet (UNESCO heritage). The archaeological site recounts 7000 years of history with the ruins of Neolithic houses, Bronze Age temples and the medieval citadel. Then let yourself be invaded by the city's souks and discover the Saint Jean-Marc church and the old port.

Overnight in Jounieh.

Day 5 : Free time and departure

Beyrouth de nuit ©ramzihachicho

Transfer to Beirut airport for departure.

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