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More and more travellers want to travel the world away from mass tourism and its consequences on the environment and local culture, which is why Tomega offers an eco-tourism tour. This circuit allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in Togolese natural environments. It will be an opportunity to travel responsibly and to participate in the local economic development of the sites crossed.

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11 days

From : €1,380*

Day 1: Welcome to Togo !

Day 2: Discover of the city and local activities in Kpalime

Day 3: Departure for the villages of Kloto

Day 4: Hiking in the green mountains

Day 5: Valley of bats

Day 6: Discovering agricultural work

Day 7: A day at the monastery

Day 8: Heading to Atakpame

Day 9: Voodoo worship and Ewe people

Day 10: Excursion to Lake Togo

Day 11: Return by the coast

Day 1 : Welcome to Togo !

Arrival in Togo will be via Lome Airport, usually at the end of the day. You will be transferred to the guest house where you can relax, dine and spend the night.

Paris-Lomé flight

Transfer to the hotel

Dinner and overnight stay

Day 2 : Discover of the city and local activities in Kpalime

You will leave for the city of Kpalime in the Plateau Region, which is about 2 hours from Lome. Arriving in Kpalime, you will go to the market to buy local products. You will then meet the artists and artisans of the city, you will discover how the potter prepares his clay. When you return to your hotel, you will attend the preparation of the meal you will share.

Lomé transfer – Kpalime (2h)

Discover the city and the market

Meeting with local artists and artisans

Making a local dinner

Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

Day 3 : Departure for the villages of Kloto

You will then set off on a trekking tour of the mountains in the villages of Kloto Prefecture. The artists of the village will be able to introduce you in different workshops to plant painting, batik or percussion djembes. You will take advantage of meetings and exchanges with the population to better understand the uses and customs of Togo, as well as their daily activities. Overnight in the village in bivouac.

Kpalimé Transfer – villages (by car or hiking)

Visit the village and discover the activities

Overnight in bivouac

Day 4 : Hiking in the green mountains

You will go to the forests to discover the local fauna and flora: medicinal plants, fruit trees, biotopes of papillions and birds... This botanical walk will lead to a beautiful waterfall where you can picnic and swim. You will then enjoy the afternoon to climb up to Mount Kloto to admire the panoramic view of Ghana, before returning to the village.

Botanical walk

Swimming in a waterfall

Ascent to Mount Kloto

Return to the village, overnight in bivouac

Day 5 : Valley of bats

This fifth day will be an opportunity to change locality and discover a new village. You will then enjoy a lunch in the city and you will then discover the incredible and striking valley of bats, a high place of Togolese fauna. You will then spend the night at the hotel.

Discovery of a new village

Valley of bats

Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

Day 6 : Discovering agricultural work

Tourists can go to the fields with accompanying peasants. It will be an opportunity to learn about agricultural work and to participate in the work of the land, to observe the processes of transformation and the conservation of agricultural raw materials.  They will be able to discover the production of local alcohol, the extraction of red oil, taste pineapples, etc. In the late afternoon, they can cook during a cooking workshop and dinner 100% local.

Discovery of agricultural work

Local product manufacturing process

Preparation of a local meal

Dinner and overnight in bivouac

Day 7 : A day at the monastery

This day, travelers can enjoy free time in the morning before leaving for the discovery of a monastery. On the program: lunch, discovery of organic farming and products (coffee, jam, cinnamon, natural essences...). Meeting with the Benedictine sisters and monks, and overnight in the monastery.

Free time

Visit to the monastery

Night and dinner at the monastery

Day 8 : Heading to Atakpame

Atakpamé. ©Peeter VIISIMAA - iStockphoto

This eighth day, travelers will travel to the Ayomé waterfall to enjoy the setting and a swim. They will then reach the town of Atakpamé nestled between seven hills, for lunch and a visit from the top to the heart of the city. At the end of the day, you will have the chance to witness the traditional Chechen dance performed by dancers hoisted on stilts.

Kpalimé Ayomé transfer (1h30)

Visit of Atakpamé

Show of traditional dances

Day 9 : Voodoo worship and Ewe people

You will leave the Plateau Region to discover the Maritime Region in the South of the Country. First stop, Notsé, cradle of Éwé culture, this city the archaeological sites of the palaces of the kings of Dakpodzi and Agbogbo. After the meal, you will have the chance to spend the afternoon in Tsévié to discover Togolese culture in all its forms in a cultural center.

Atakpamé Transfer – Rated – Tsévié (1h-1h)

The Palace of Kings

The cultural center

Overnight at the hotel

Day 10 : Excursion to Lake Togo

You will have the chance to discover the biodiversity and fishing activities of Lake Togo. You will go in search of plants, crustaceans, fish and birds. You will also have the opportunity to browse the surrounding villages and you will see the sunset on the lake. And of course, you’ll have time to swim.

Excursion on Lake Togo by canoe

Dinner and overnight at the hotel

Day 11 : Return by the coast

Continue the discovery of the coast for a small hook towards Aného to discover the mouth and the waterfront, then return to Togoville and Agbodrafo to know these historic cities. If you want to go to the Grand Marché in Lomé, you can also fill up your memories. Sharing a last local meal in a good restaurant of the capital and last meeting with an artist or craftsman of the city, before going to the airport.

Discovery of the port of Aneho

Meeting with an artist or craftsman from Lomé

Last local meal

Transfer to the airport

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