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Go with your family with our Planinum agency for a tailor-made trip between Bali and the Gilis Islands. An exclusive programme created for families, to be personalised according to each person's wishes.

This trip to Bali is above all written for families, for the youngest and the oldest, teenagers and seniors alike. It respects your rhythm, adapts to your way of travelling and allows you to experience a real Balinese immersion. Each day has surprises in store for you, between the discovery of the culture but also many activities to experience together. Infinitely customisable, this magnificent programme will bring all the members of the family together around a tailor-made trip, written just for you.

A special children's travel book, 24-hour concierge service, telephone loan, everything has been thought of so that you can experience your trip as a family without worrying about the organisation of your stay : An exclusivity of our Platinum Amanaska agency.


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15 days

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Day 1: Arrival at Bali Airport - Transfer to your accommodation.

Day 2: First steps in Bali

Day 3: MUNDUK - Bali Bird Park, Pura Taman Ayun

Day 4: Rice fields of Jatiluwih, the butterfly park and the temple of Pura Danu Bratan

Day 5: PEMUTERAN - Hot springs of Banjar

Day 6: PEMUTERAN - Snorkling in the Menjagan Nature Park

Day 7: AMED - Buddhist temple, natural waterfall

Day 8: AMED - Free day

Day 9: AMED - Tirta Ganga and Ujung palace

Day 10: UBUD - Tenganan Village, Goa Lawah

Day 11: UBUD - Ascent of Mount Batur

Day 12: UBUD - Creation of kites and Balinese dance school

Day 13: JIMBARAN - Uluwatu temple, sacred Balinese dance

Day 14: JIMBARAN - Free day

Day 15: JIMBARAN - Departure from Bali

Day 1 : Arrival at Bali Airport - Transfer to your accommodation.

Plage de Sanur. ©Eloïse BOLLACK

It is important to remember that the family programmes are completely tailor-made and just for you. The tour we propose below is therefore an example, it brings together the favourites of our travellers.  Each trip is different, it can be shorter or longer, with stops including other islands, in short, it must be the one you have dreamed of.

Here you are finally arrived at the airport of Bali, in Denpasar (After having collected your luggage and just at the exit, you will be greeted by a French-speaking member of our team with a small sign with your name on it, and we will leave together for Sanur.

More relaxed than some of the other southern cities, Sanur will allow you to rest, enjoy the spas or try some of the famous or typical Balinese restaurants.

Night in Sanur

Day 2 : First steps in Bali

Entrée d'un temple de Sanur. ©Tom Pepeira - Iconotec

For the second day, there is nothing like a little rest in Sanur to recover from your trip and the jet lag. Children will be able to enjoy the beach while discovering the Balinese way of life and parents will be able to let go before starting this family programme.

These days can also be an opportunity to take a stroll along the beach promenade, relax in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean or have your first tanning sessions. Be careful though! We are in the tropics and the sun is beating down hard...

Night in Sanur

Day 3 : MUNDUK - Bali Bird Park, Pura Taman Ayun

Pura Taman Ayun. ©Author's Image

Morning departure from Sanur to Munduk which is, for nature lovers, a small paradise on earth. This village will offer you extraordinary views of the mountains of this region as well as breathtaking sunsets.

After passing through the office to complete the final administrative formalities, you will take the road to Bali Bird Park for a fun and family oriented first visit. A unique experience that will allow you to get up close and personal with birds of paradise, cranes and giant parrots.

The afternoon will be dedicated to the visit of your first Balinese temple, the royal temple Pura Taman Ayun. Built in the 17th century by the royal family of Mengwi, this site is a classic of Balinese architecture with its third floating space and wide moat surrounding the building.

Night at Munduk or tabanan

Day 4 : Rice fields of Jatiluwih, the butterfly park and the temple of Pura Danu Bratan

Jatiluwih, village situé à proximité du mont Batukau. ©Author's Image

This day will start with a walk in the rice fields of Jatiluwih. It is in this sublime landscape, which UNESCO is considering for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List, that your guide will reveal all the secrets of rice. A plant that holds a central place in the kitchen but also in the Balinese religion.

After lunch in a typical restaurant you will head for the Butterfly Park. It is a beautifully landscaped garden that serves as a natural habitat for hundreds of butterflies. Here you can discover very rare species and understand the life cycle of butterflies.

Before returning to your hotel at the end of the day, we will go to the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. This temple is dedicated to the goddess of the lake, the ruler of the waters of Bali, who allied herself with the deity of Mount Agung to make the island fertile. It is said that the goddess Danu is a manifestation of the great god Vishnu, protector of the universe.

Night at Munduk

Day 5 : PEMUTERAN - Hot springs of Banjar

Plage de Pemuteran à marée basse. ©Sally Bataillard

Departure from Munduk at the end of the morning for the hot springs, natural pools that will delight young and old alike.

Arrival in the early afternoon in the village of Pemuteran, an ideal stopover to enjoy the pleasure of the beach, massages and nature.

Night in Pemuteran

Day 6 : PEMUTERAN - Snorkling in the Menjagan Nature Park

Snorkeling Bali ©Orlando Florin Rosu - Fotolia

The next morning, we suggest that you set sail on a traditional Balinese boat to the Menjagan nature reserve. An immersion in the depths of the preserved ecosystem where multicoloured fish take advantage of the corals and white sand to dance in a symphony of colour.

Night in Pemuteran

Day 7 : AMED - Buddhist temple, natural waterfall

Plage d'Amed et mont Batur ©Léa Smith - Iconotec

Today you leave Pemuteran in the late morning for the road that runs along the north coast of Bali to the fishing village of Amed. On the way, you will be able to visit Bali's first Buddhist temple and if you wish, take a short walk off the beaten track to a natural waterfall.

Overnight in Amed 

Day 8 : AMED - Free day

The village of Amed is first known for its exceptional seabed. You can discover them simply with flippers, mask and snorkel or let yourself be tempted by a dive organised by us with our diving centre Padi Five stars (Baptisms or recreational dives possible). But Amed also allows you to make very beautiful trips in the "hinterland", such as the discovery of Bangle and the Five Springs or to find a remote village in search of a cockfight.

Night in Amed

Day 9 : AMED - Tirta Ganga and Ujung palace

Le Puri Taman Ujung situé sur la côte sud-est d'Amlapura. ©Laetitia GRANGE

After this relaxing day, we set off again to discover the region with Tirta Gangga, which means "holy water of the Ganges" in Balinese. This architectural ensemble, built in 1948 by the Raja of Karangasem, curiously combines Balinese and Chinese styles. The water garden, which covers an area of 1.2 hectares, consists of three areas. The first, situated below, houses two basins and a water tower. On the second level there are swimming pools where you can enjoy a swim. The royal residences, on the upper level, dominate the complex.

Just a few kilometres from Tirta Gangga, head to the village of Ujung to visit the former royal palace of Karangasam. Built with the help of the Dutch in the 1920s, this palace on the water is set in a beautiful park with many lookouts and offers views of both the jungle and the nearby sea.

Overnight in Amed

Day 10 : UBUD - Tenganan Village, Goa Lawah

Rizière près d'Ubud. ©Léa Smith - Iconotec

This new day of discovery will start with a visit to the traditional village of Tenganan, one of the oldest villages on the island, inhabited by the descendants of the first Balinese, the Bali Aga. Even if this site is somewhat touristy, it allows you to become aware of the organisation of the old villages, the customs and the traditions of the people of Tenganan. Here: you will find answers to all your questions about Balinese culture.

Many animals are worshipped by the Indonesians, monkeys, birds and bats. We will visit Goa Lawah, the bat cave, which is one of the nine "Kayangan Jagat", directional temples that protect Bali from evil spirits.

Overnight in Ubud

Day 11 : UBUD - Ascent of Mount Batur

Panorama splendide au sommet du mont Batur. ©Léa Smith - Iconotec

Wake up around 01h30 in the morning and start of the hike (5h round trip) towards the summit of Mount Batur, the sacred volcano of the Balinese people which culminates at 1717 m altitude. Arrival at the summit for sunrise. The Batur volcano, which became active in 1917, covered the village of Batur with a river of lava which stopped at the foot of its temple: the Pura Ulun Danu Batur. It has now become one of Bali's must-see places. Even if its discovery is no longer confidential and many tourists go to meet it, the sunrise at its summit (in good weather) is a moment that remains engraved in the memories.

Day 12 : UBUD - Creation of kites and Balinese dance school

Spectacle de danse traditionnelle. ©Author's Image

This day on Ubud will be devoted to a Balinese immersion we take the direction of Batuan to visit a kite making workshop, a central object in the Balinese culture. You will learn the manufacturing secrets and build your own kite. Kite flying in Bali is much more than a childish hobby. Afterwards we will visit the Gianyar dance school. Every day, I Couter Ketut welcomes the children of the village to teach them the traditional Balinese art. Dance for the girls, gamelan for the boys. You can see the importance of detail in traditional dance, where everything is codified. The position of each finger, the looks...

Night in Ubud

Day 13 : JIMBARAN - Uluwatu temple, sacred Balinese dance

Spectacle de kecak. ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

We leave this morning from ubud to head to the south of Bali, the perfect place to eat grilled fish on the beach. This last stop will allow us to visit the Pura Uluwatu, in the locality of Pecatu, which would have been founded in the 11th century by Mpu Kuturan, a Javanese priest who played an important role in the Balinese religion. This famous temple in Bali is known for its location, its monkeys and the panoramic view that offers magnificent sunsets!

You will be treated to a Kecak dance performance. A traditional dance derived from the Sanghyang, which takes up part of the famous Ramayana epic that sets the rhythm of Balinese life and tells the story of the love between Rama and Sita. Without a musician, the Kecak is punctuated by the heady cries of the men and the story of the storyteller.

Night in Jimbaran

Day 14 : JIMBARAN - Free day

Plage de Jimbaran. ©Yusnizam Yusof -

A day of rest to enjoy the sun, Balinese massages, maybe start preparing your luggage. Unless you prefer to go back to the Jimbaran region, which offers some of the most beautiful beaches for surfing. Between Uluwatu, padang pandang or Kuta you are in the heart of the legend.

Overnight in Jimbaran

Day 15 : JIMBARAN - Departure from Bali

Here we are on the last day of your trip, of course we could have done more or different, we didn't go to the Gilis Islands, we didn't see the dragons of Komodos. We didn't meet the last monkeys of Sumatra or the Toradja people...But we still have wonderful memories of an island where the people have an eternal smile and there is still so much travel to do...

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