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Even more than its Central Asian neighbors, the Republic of Tajikistan is a destination that is being rebuilt. 

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Preparing for your trip to Tajikistan

Between the civil war of 1992-1997 and the conflicts in the neighbouring Afghan mountains, the country was hard hit, but the situation is improving and stabilizing. Breathtaking areas such as the Wakhan Corridor and the Pamir Mountains, named by the Anglo-Saxons the "Pamir Highway" - a must for thrill-seekers - are visited by many travelers by bicycle, motorcycle, and even on foot. Tajikistan's tourist guide will take you from its capital Dushanbe to the country's ancient sites, especially Pendjikent and Hissar, but also to the lake region in the Fan Mountains, between Pendjikent and Samarkand. Visitors who have already travelled around Central Asia will be delighted to meet the descendants of the Iranian-speaking Persian populations of the region, whose language and ways of life differ from those of the surrounding countries, but where you will always find the same hospitality, the same smiles, the same curiosity of the other... the sumptuous decor of the roofs of the world in addition!