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Travel to Yemen

#A country where nature still has the advantage Whether it is the mountainous highlands of the north, the multiple canyons of Hadramaout, the desert of the "empty quarter", the forests around Sanaa or Taizz, the green hues of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, the volcanic coast of the Aden region, and of course the exceptional island of Socotra, Yemen is a country where nature dominates man. There are many natural species, and lovers of geology will find there an exceptional and very old site.
World Heritage Sites :

The Yemeni mountains and their landscaped terraces are not yet classified as a protected area, but three architectural sites are. Zabid (in 1996), the city of Tihama, which served as the setting for the Thousand and One Nights of Pasolini, is a charming city with an architecture enriched with stucco and lime. Shibam (in 1982), the desert city whose adobe buildings scrape the eastern sky of the country, is a surprise to the eyes. Sanaaa (1986), magnificently restored and paved with local stones, offers a unique urban maze, amidst the corporate souks.

A sunny climate all year round

The seasons do exist in Yemen, but do not have the same manifestations as in European countries. Even during the two rainy seasons, April and May, and July and August, it is only in the late afternoon that the rain pours for an hour into the mountains of Sana'a; yet, all day long, the weather will have been fine and the sun will have gilded the country with a uniform tan. The cold of winter only exists in February and March, and even then, it is very bearable.

A welcoming population

The Yemeni population, which has never known colonization, does not have any complexes towards foreigners, and is very proud of the welcome it can give to its visitors. It is not uncommon, during walks of several days in the mountains, to spend the night sleeping on the cushions of the living rooms of a guest house and to share the traditional meal. Yemenis, who live in a country they consider to be paradise on earth, will be very happy to share their passion with you.

An affordable destination

Given the distance between Yemen and Europe, this travel destination is quite affordable and on the spot, there are fairly cheap hotels, as well as the most economical restaurants. The principle of organized travel is undoubtedly the most practical, since it also includes the rental of off-road cars equipped with an experienced driver, the most certain solution to get to the essentials of the trip, and not to get lost on the steep mountain roads.

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