Bali and Sulawesi : wonderful islands

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Meet the Indonesian peoples of Bali and Sulawesi on this immersive island journey between verdant nature and ancestral traditions.

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12 days

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Day 1: Arrival in Bali

Day 2: Discovery of Mengwi and its surroundings

Day 3: Ubud

Day 4: From Ubud to Gianyar

Day 5: From Gianyar to Bukit

Day 6: From Bali to Sulawesi

Day 7: Rantepao and rice fields

Day 8: Rantepao and traditional villages

Day 9: Rantepao and Bolu market

Day 10: From Rantepao to Sengkang

Day 11: From Sengkang to Bira

Day 12: Back home

Day 1 : Arrival in Bali

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Welcome to the island of the gods! You are welcomed at Denpasar airport by your driver who will take you to your hotel in the artistic and poetic Ubud. Don't wait any longer to explore the surrounding area, between coconut palms and tea plantations. Then you spend your first night in Bali.

Day 2 : Discovery of Mengwi and its surroundings

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Head towards Mas, a small craft village specialising in woodcarving, especially Balinese dance masks. A first highlight of your trip is the exotic encounter with the inhabitants of the village, then you go to Batuan, the stronghold of many of the island's painters, before finishing the day at the temple of Pura Desa.

Day 3 : Ubud


You spend the morning with Nyoman, a batik artist, a traditional fabric dyeing technique. After a good cup of tea, he introduces you to this meticulous art before letting you make your own batik. In the afternoon, you take the time to stroll around Ubud and taste the local specialities.

Day 4 : From Ubud to Gianyar


You leave Ubud for Gianyar, a typical village where you are invited to stay with locals. After going to the market with them, you will enjoy Balinese food at their table. Afterwards, you can enjoy a walk in the nature with your hosts before attending a family Balinese dance show before sleeping in the guest room.

Day 5 : From Gianyar to Bukit


You will thank your hosts before reaching the Bukit peninsula in the south of the island. To take your eyes away, head to the Sukawati handicraft market. Then you can go to the Tegenungan waterfalls, or to the rice fields, or to one of the beaches in the area.

Day 6 : From Bali to Sulawesi

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You are transferred in the morning to Denpasar airport for your flight to Makassar, then you take the road to the Toraja Plateau further north. The drive is beautiful, along the Sulawesian coast, dotted with coconut palms. Taste the local cuisine before heading inland and up to Rantepao on the Toraja Plateau.

Day 7 : Rantepao and rice fields

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After breakfast, you take the road along the rice fields and admire the intoxicating green mountains. In the small village of Palawa, you wander between the typical houses of the region, called "tongkonans", which are in the shape of a boat. You continue on your way from village to village before returning to Rantepao.

Day 8 : Rantepao and traditional villages

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It is on foot that you explore the region today, through the rice fields, reaching the amazing village of Lemo, and its tombs dug into the cliff. You continue your walk to the traditional and authentic village of Kete Kesu, which boasts one of the most beautiful collections of "tongkonans". You then return to Rantepao for the night.

Day 9 : Rantepao and Bolu market


This morning, stroll through the invigorating market of Pasar Bolu. Every week the big cattle sale is held, a traditional and crucial event for the inhabitants. Then you set off towards the large rock of Lokomata, decorated with many carved tombs. You pass through Suaya before returning to your hotel and relax.

Day 10 : From Rantepao to Sengkang

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Today you descend towards the south of the island, in the village of Sengkang, on the shores of Lake Tempe. After a few hours of driving, you finally reach the lake and embark as soon as possible for an unforgettable boat trip. Small floating villages dot the lake, and you stop in one of the houses to spend a night in the home of a timeless inhabitant.

Day 11 : From Sengkang to Bira


You say goodbye to your hosts and then head south again, through the Sulawesian countryside and rubber plantations. You finally arrive in Bira, a small coastal village with immense sandy beaches, with a heavenly appearance. Relax at the end of your stay in a remarkable environment.

Day 12 : Back home


In the morning you enjoy the benefits of the beach one last time, before your driver takes you to Makassar airport. On the road, you will watch Indonesian life in full swing with wonder. At the airport, you say goodbye to your driver and to Indonesia, memories that fill your head. See you soon on the roads of Asia with Shanti Travel.

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